The Fire in His Eyes

The fire of God in the eyes of Jesus Christ, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, rides this earth today to prevail in His people. He is the now exalted as King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. As we know one day He will come again, this time visible, riding a white horse to the earth. However, He now rides it first invisibly to impart the same fire into His body on the earth. He will come for a glorious body that looks like Him, acts like Him, and is performing His greater works on the earth In Him. His body will have His fire in their eyes.

The fire flows from His eyes with love and power to see the Kingdom of God fill the whole earth with His knowledge and glory. He rides to put down all rebellion, sin, and death in this world. He is riding to impart this fire into His people as He equips them to ride with Him and bring heaven to earth now. He asks us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth and it is in heaven.” He is looking for hearts that will be well kept soil to bring His will to pass on the earth. The Holy Spirit is looking for the ones that will surrender to be a living sacrifice that God can and will be consumed with His holy fire.

Only God can start this fire. Jesus came to baptize his body in the Holy Spirit and Fire. The fire of God burns off the fetters from our lives that keep us from close communion with our God. The fire of God burns first to purify, to refine, and to test us in order to enable us to be one who can hold this great fire of God. This is the fire that must first come into the remnant body of Christ before it comes in a real tangible way to renovate the earth once more to His divine will and intentions for its creation. You can see it in third chapter of 2 Peter.

Only as we see Jesus Christ in this world for who He is, was, and ever shall be can we get a revelation that will impart this fire within. His entry into this world was a sacrifice sent from Heaven. He lived a sacrificial life, acquainted with grief, persecution, and sorrow. He willingly laid down His body and soul to the sufferings of the path of the cross to buy back the Kingdom of God on the earth and in all who would believe for an eternity.

The shadow truth of the Old Testament, Jesus fulfilled in the New Testament and now, by the Spirit of God, His body fulfills it in the Kingdom of God on the earth. Just as the Fire came down from before the Lord, and consumed upon the altar the burnt sacrifice and fat in the Old Testament shadow in Lev.9: 24; so Christ fulfilled it at the cross. He left His home, His position, and His power in Heaven. He forsook the riches and the company of Heaven to become God’s burnt sacrifice, Gods all and best given for mankind, the Savior of the all creation. Fire burns in His eyes to redeem all that was lost for God.

Now, as His remnant body identifies with the Master, let us become the living sacrifice and put ourselves, giving 100% our best, on our altar before our God in this world and let Him bring the fire that consumes us and leaves us IN CHRIST with the same fire in our eyes. Father God let the fire in His eyes begins to permeate our beings filling us up and over until we are submerged into the atmosphere of the same fire that exist around the throne of God. Then will our eyes burn with compassion to see you and our hearts burn to do your will on earth.

This is the fire of Godly compassion that moved Jesus to do the miraculous works of His Father God. This fire gave life. This is the fire of Christ’s love that He would endure the cross seeing that through His sacrifice many sons could be brought into God’s Kingdom. This fire gave much more than insight or foresight, it also gave an eternal vision.

What a great price Jesus Christ paid for us. How can we neglect so great a salvation? God we long for you to burn us up with the love of our soon coming King of Kings and fire our whole beings for the Kingdom of God now. Make us aware that this life is to prepare for an eternal one. God’s heart cries for His people to choose God’s fire now. Now is the day to burn with a Holy Fire!

For further study, please see the following Scriptures: Rev.1:12-16; Rev.5:5-7; Rev.19:11-14; Eph.1:20-21; Eph5:27; John 14:12; Mt.6:10; I Peter 1:6-7; Isa.53; Romans 12:1-3; Mt.14:14.