We Must Follow the Holy Spirit

Body of Christ, like never before it is time "to fix unmovable your spiritual focus on knowing and exalting Jesus the King. His Kingdom must come to earth as it moves in the hearts and lives of His people, keeping them full of love and faith." We, his people must follow intimately the most important person on the earth today the one who makes all that is Kingdom happen in us and for us, HOLY SPIRIT.

This summer, as the Lord has directed, there is a focus on the book of ACTS, JOHN, JOEL, and EZEKIEL and our desperate need of knowing communion with Holy Spirit and walking in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. There is a direct but subtle attack against the Spirit of God and all He gives us and our critical need of having communion with Him. We neglect the power of speaking in the heavenly language of the Spirit we have been given, which would transform us and our surroundings in so many ways. Many are yielding to a religious spirit that is dressed up in clothes that look very much like the Holy Spirit, having a form of godliness, but no real power or love of the truth. In these final days of God winding up His great plan on the earth, the darkness will get darker and more powerful, as the Light of God arises to it greatest days of penetrating through the darkness in power and love to see the harvest of the earth. But we will not be able to rise to meet the challenges of this hour without knowing and operating in the all the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It will not be by might, by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. It is about the Kingdom of God that the King Jesus bought back to us with His own life, that we might be redeemed back to our place of glory with God , perfect communion and fellowship, righteousness, peace and joy. We are His body on the earth, to do the works of the Father, the greater works, which will accomplish His will and bring His kingdom to the earth in culture, values, nature, language and lifestyle. He has invested His all into us to accomplish His will, and it can only be done in the same manner Jesus did it, by complete submission and obedience to the Divine person, Holy Spirit.