Trumpets of Zion sponsored a mission trip to India for two of it’s members, Mark and Jennifer Mozley, in July 2005. They ministered to hundreds of Indian leaders in two pastor’s conferences as well as numerous outreach events. It was refreshing to see the humility, hunger and passion of the India pastors who suffer from intense persecution in a culture dominated by the Hindu and Islam faiths.

They witnessed the salvation of dozens of people during various outreach events throughout the trip. They were particularly touched during their visit to an Indian leper colony…where the love of God flowed freely. During the last leg of their trip, they stayed at an orphanage and fell in love with the precious children their families had rejected. Revival is breaking out all over India and it was their privilege to see what made this region such a hotbed of God’s tangible outpouring of His Spirit.

It was evident by their emphasis on prayer, fasting and attention to discipleship and evangelism, that the India people captured His heart. In these and many other ways, the trip confirmed that Trumpets of Zion is on the right track with their ministry focus. As it has been since the great commission came from our Savior’s lips, it’s still all about loving God and loving people.