The Wind is Blowing Part 2

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There is most assuredly a divine wind blowing across the earth causing great transitions and repositioning in the lives of many. The "system" of this world is rapidly coming into the fullness of rebellion against God and its ruin will not be far away. Nations, governments, cities, and seas will see great shakings. "Through it all," as renovating storms come, I do believe America will change from its state of moral corruption into a people who know and love the God who graced them to be a great nation on the earth.

The churches of Jesus Christ will be shaken to expose their man-made traditions and its lack of Holy Spirit love and power. The Holy Spirit is God working on the earth today and He alone is the builder of the Kingdom of God within the church and through the church. The church is the salt of the earth and the light to this world. If what we are and what we build is not the Kingdom of God that Jesus and His apostles preached then it will not withstand the storms coming or the seducing spirits of deception. Only His kingdom will rise in His glory to see justice come and His will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.

God is preparing His church right now to become the laborers of the earths harvest. He is calling out the deep in His people shaking the lives, the leaders and the ministries to reveal what lies in the depth of their soul. As God’s word says deep is calling unto deep. He is working to bring to the surface out of our inner man what we are really made of, for He wants to fill His church with the holiness and character of His Son who will return for a victorious glorious bride who has been made ready. If we believe, we will see the glory of the Lord.

So church how do we conquer now in such a time as this in a day when we see that many are falling prey to the masked seducing spirits and many are failing to see they have a destiny God designed for them? "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord." The most serious problem in the church is that many confessing believers today are forsaking the very fountain of living water, the supply of the Holy Spirit and have built themselves stale religious cisterns of water that leak and will not hold in the day of trouble. These that refuse the fresh river of Holy Spirit life will become swamps and marshes that will eventually be given over to salt or, in other words, hardness of heart. (Refer to Jeremiah 2:13, 2:19; Ezekiel 47:11)

The life-giving river flowing from the person of the Spirit of God is like unto a real living rushing river that is always moving and bringing change and fresh life within and without. Everywhere this river is allowed to flow it brings new life, fresh water, and healing streams. A cistern of water may seem good but it is not God given like the fountain of living water of His own Spirit. Cisterns of water are stationary and grow stale over time. They have a form of life and godliness but no power. Many religious cisterns have been made down through the church age in all cultures around the world. Religions have produced great wars in our world and have produced pride and division in the church. Religion has cast deadly judgments to many Holy Spirit revivals that are a mighty move of God. The spirit of religion blinds you from seeing Christ.

The devil himself loves religions. He formed them in a counterfeit disguise of God’s one real plan of salvation in order to deceive and destroy mankind. It was distorted religion without love that killed Christ. And it still is killing Christ in believers and churches that deny the move and power of the Spirit of God.

You cannot conquer the influence of the world system, the fallen nature within, and the forces of the devil’s kingdom today with a man made religious cistern of water. You cannot be the conqueror Jesus died to make you without the living waters of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came in the power of the Holy Spirit and left this world promising that same Holy Spirit to come to all who would believe and receive empowering them to continue His work on the earth until He returns. We are left here to learn to love and to be His body releasing His power to see His will done on the earth.

In the heart of Christianity there must come another "wind of regeneration" that rebirths the church back to its real head, the Lord Jesus Christ and into a lifestyle of knowing and communing with the Spirit of God. The Father in heaven is jealous to see everything His son died for become a supernatural reality in the lives of believers. It is not the "good things" that will withstand the storms coming but it is only the "God things" whether it is in a Christian’s life, a family, a ministry or a Christian business. If we cling to something that seems good like a nice comfortable, safe cistern of religion that is familiar and we can understand it; then we could totally miss the God things that will take us far beyond our own limitations into His fountain, His stream, His mighty river and out into a great sea of human impossibilities where His Kingdom comes.

Jesus looks at us still today, to every genuine believer and says,

"The kingdom of God is within you."

The Father God looks to each on of us today and says,

"Glorify Me on the earth, abide in the Son, produce the fruit of My Kingdom for I have sent you My promise. I sent you another, My own Spirit, who comes out from Me to be the source of power in you and with you forever. God is in us and with us. (Selah) He will keep you from deception for He is the spirit of truth that will teach you ALL things and lead you through all things. He will pour love into your heart as you obey My word and My voice. He will speak of Me and tell you things to come."

Church, how can we so easily quench the moving of God’s very own spirit for our own lifeless move? How can we resist Him choosing to make our own path some other way, and grieve His big heart of love with all our other loves? Lets fall down and be broken on the rock of Christ Jesus repenting before a mighty Father and call out again for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on our lives and our churches.

Scripture references: John 13-17; Luke 20:17-18; Luke 24:49; Acts 2:4, 2:38

To be continued in Part 3