Live From the Other Side of the Cross

The old favorite song says, "I will cling to the old rugged cross" and so what does that mean to us who love Him and serve Him day after day? Is it just a song we sing to comfort our religious needs or satisfy our church programs? I hope not.

Jesus Christ absolutely was the Son of God and He came to us in order to cling to that old rugged cross between heaven and earth. As the blood dripped and His life on earth was drained out a great sin debt was paid. A triumphant victory was won that would finish the complete work of redemption for all mankind, the earth, every universe and all that exists which all belongs to His Father, the "ONE" TRUE CREATOR GOD.

One day the whole universe and every human being will know that the blood of this King of all Kings, and Lord of all Lords, has cleansed the whole eternal creation from a great revolt of sin and rebellion. This prideful fall first took place in the very throne room of God by His most anointed cherubim Lucifer, now called satan, the deceiver, and the Father of lies.

The real issue here of the old rugged cross is what we do with this great Divine transaction of God in Christ becoming a man like us in order for Man in Christ to become God-like. The real issue is whether we who know this Jesus as our savior will apply all He accomplished there on that old rugged cross to our lives.

Will this sacrifice He made for us cause us to live free from all the sin and curses of our own family generations. Will we really believe that our own fallen natures have no power to control us as we live a lifestyle of forgiveness and repentance? Do we take a stand of faith against sickness and resist all the power of subtle evil forces of the dark satanic kingdom? I pray Christ's true church will arise to this fullness.

How can we let the darkness of unbelief blind us to such a great salvation like we have been given? How can we let the Father of lies, rock us to sleep in the cradle of complacency right in the comfort of the light. How can we refuse the fresh heaven sent bread and Divine new wine that is being served us from the hand of our King Jesus? Only those who will hear what the Holy Spirit is saying are partaking.

Every day the system of this world mocks our God, wars against our biblical principals and robs us of our Christian freedoms. How can we go on our merry way to maintain our independent self-sufficient way of life? The system of religion has become a powerless, sick, and greedy form of hypocrisy. The religious system is plagued with seducing spirits that bring the saints of God down to a lower level of living. Doctrines of devils are seeping into the very core of humanity like water to a sponge. The church has been given precious treasures in the promises of God and powerful tools through the spirit of truth yet we do not know enough to contend for the faith and the purity of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. With our self-centered control we take the very life, love and power out of our midst by keeping Holy Spirit grieved behind the bars of our fears.

I said all that as a wake up call, sounding the alarm that time is of the essence. We must humble our selves under the mighty hand of an awesome God who is moving with great velocity, shaking all that can be shaken. His mercy abounds in all His chastisements or allowed judgments that come, in order to rain righteousness and peace down upon our lives and bring new life into us again. He speaks in order to breathe His breath into us again. He speaks to raise us up into a victorious church that is radiant with His glory.

If you are clinging to this old rugged cross in faith and obedience to all it has bought you, then you should be ready to live this life now on the other side of the cross in the power of His resurrection. The other side of the cross is the Holy Spirit living in you and with you. The resurrection of Christ changed everything and it will change everything for you. This incredible force of divine energy and creative force has a source. He is the Holy Spirit, who moved in the creation of the world and He is the power that raised Jesus from the dead. Yes, Holy Spirit is the power and life source on the other side of the cross.

Be encouraged; get up shake yourself off from the old fallen nature for it died at the old rugged cross with Christ. Stop putting all your focus on dying and start believing and living on the other side of the cross. Stop yielding to the old man and yield to the Holy Spirit who will empower your right decisions. Stop looking at that old man, stop giving him attention, stop letting him have his way and all his affections met. He is lost and cannot get into heaven. Set your heart like the sun sets every day to live in the new man in Christ. He will make heaven.

Let the Holy Spirit become your Divine companion now for He intends to be with you and in you forever. Let Him be your guide through all life's issues and your power source to do what can't be done. Let Him be the sweetheart from heaven who fills you with God kind of love. He will reveal Jesus to you through the Holy Scriptures and as you trust and lean into Him you will learn His voice. Let Him change you now and one day HE will clothe you with immortality and give even greater life eternally in the presence of the Father God.

It is going to happen. The church of Jesus Christ is going to arise to the Glory destined for this time in history. God will have a church that reaches maturity and lives in the fullness of Christ. This church will be believers who possess the truth of "the old rugged cross" as gold in their hearts but live and move and have their very being in the resurrection power of a new life on the other side of that cross. We must choose it and persevere in this hour to possess all God has given.

Pray with me: "Father God, in the name of your strong Son, Jesus Christ we ask forgiveness for living in lack, unbelief, deception, seducing spirits and worldly pleasures of no eternal value. We ask you to cleanse us from all that separates us from You as we believe in the power of that precious blood that was poured out for our sin.

Fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit as we surrender to Your truth and give us the grace to receive the resurrection power to live on the other side of the old rugged and precious cross of our Lord Jesus. Amen."

Scripture references:
John 14:15-18
Romans 5:5
Romans 6