Keep the Horse Before the Cart

Being Christ centered before church (or people) centered.

Know Who Christ is in us before we know who we are in Him.

Know He has been given all authority before His authority can be in us.

All of Jesus’ teaching made disciples before church was born.

Jesus became the sacrifice before the God’s Holy fire came.

Jesus became the will of God before He did the will of God.

Jesus changed hearts before He changed lifestyles.

We behold the face of Jesus before others behold Him on our face.

Jesus was all the gifts before he gave them to the church: Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher

Know Jesus as the King before you know any keys of the kingdom.

Exalt Jesus and exhibit Jesus the King before Kingdom works come on the earth.

Eat all the Passover Lamb before you go into the land of promise.

We, His people, must keep all our focus on the King for He is Lord of all or not Lord at all. Keep our focus on Jesus Christ, the person, first and the rest will follow. He alone is worthy of all our love, our attention and our affections. He is the perfect fit of our eternal being. We can only find our exact identity and our reason for being as we fit into Him. All we are uniquely created for is found in Him. We must live in who He is …knowing He only is our life and truth, He alone is our way. We must move in the power of His strength and His mighty works…giving all glory to Him We must keep our being (who we are and what we are about) in His divine will and purpose. We fit into Him; we fit into His compassion; we fit into His love; we fit into His gifts; we fit into His anointing; we fit into His plan; we fit into His works on the earth; we fit into His lead. Each one of us different, each one special, and each one holds a golden piece of His divine plan in our life.