Warfare in the Kingdom of God

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

First, let’s deal with strongholds. Strongholds are something we allow to happen within us. The strongholds that become our greatest hindrances come from the unbridled flesh that wants to always be satisfied. They start with wrong thoughts that get planted in the mind and heart from various places such as our environments, our teaching, and our experiences in life. If the path of repentance is not taken to turn away from them and cast down imaginations and all that conflicts with what God thinks and says in His scriptures then soon a harmful attitude is developed. If the wrong attitudes are not cast down through the blood of Christ, they will become actions. If the bad actions are allowed to continue, habits are formed and therefore strongholds.

Believers must learn to take all thoughts into a captive place of obedience to Christ. There is a desperate need to surrender to the fire of the Holy Spirit burning up the flesh, and to submit to the sword of God’s word cutting out the bad roots living within our hearts.
The devil can sit back and relax when we stay in the strongholds of our own flesh. They become the greatest hindrances to the divine nature in the believer. To repent, believe and receive is to break down those strongholds that hinder Christ in us.

There is no good flesh in anyone. It all is filthy rags to God. (Isaiah.64:6) It was nailed to the cross of Christ and looses its power to rage for everyone who will continue to believe and the blood is always enough to erase completely the sin of the flesh for the repentant heart. (See Romans 6)

There must come an awakening to rise up and speak to the giants that hide in the mountains of our hearts “come forth and be cast out of this temple of God forever. Believers have been given everything that will ever be needed through Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The complete and finished work was done for all who would believe and continue to believe.

Secondly, go to the whole armor of God placed on every believer. Eph.6: 10-18. The helmet of a great salvation protects our mind, the main battlefield. The believer wears the eternal saving shield of the mind of Christ upon his head. The breastplate of righteousness covering the main organs is protecting the functions of godly wholeness in all the activities of his life leaving no cracks for the enemy to shoot his fiery darts. The belt of truth is the Spirit of truth secured around our whole structure to hold tight all we have been clothed with and enables us to move swiftly at any time. It also supports the sword, which is the proceeding word of God destroying the works of the devil. The feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, so there is a willing and ready heart to go anywhere taking the good news of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom come. His peace will guide our steps and toughen our walk so we will be unstoppable to do His will. His shield of faith is always before the believer hiding himfrom all the attacks and protecting his life in Christ, for the just shall live by faith. Gal.3:11

Believers arise and take your stand for you have been made more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. His blood has been sprinkled on the doorposts of your heart and life by faith.

The past is wiped away, the generational curses of your fathers and their sins are exchanged on the cross of Christ for His righteous blood, His divine DNA and joint inheritance with Him. Rebellion, sin, and sickness are put down. Believers, you have His absolute and unchangeable Word. (See Colossians 2:14-15; Deuteronomy 5:9 and 21:23)

You have been given His Name that is above any other for authority and provision. You have access to wisdom from on High whenever we ask. (See Ephesians 1:8 and 1: 20-23; James 1:5)

You can touch the throne room with prayer releasing a real demonstration of His power and a real manifestation of His presence.

I have said all that to say this. Hear this with your heart. The only fight you have is the good fight of faith. ………. You are complete and lack nothing in this life.

Repent, believe, and receive that you may possess in you all God has for you.

Therefore since faith is our good fight here in this life, I ask you, “are we the real army in the Kingdom of God?” We are to be like soldiers but who are we? Did not Jesus make us all kings and priests with Him? Are we not more than conquerors? Are we the citizens of this Kingdom who are protected and kept by the power of God and His ministering angels? Did not Christ Jesus do a finished work on the cross and our only real fight is faith. This truth will cause us to enter into the rest of God, the peace of the Kingdom.

Open our eyes Lord to see our good fight of faith. Then Lord, like Elisha asked for his servant, (2 Kings 6:13-17) let your people see those who are with us, who fight for us and are more than all our enemies. The army of the Kingdom of God, which Christ Jesus our Lord is the Commander in Chief (Joshua 5:13-15) is the multitudes of angelic beings sent to minister to the body of Christ in this world. (Hebrew 1:14;Psalms 103:20) It reveals a needed truth to read of an angel coming to Peter loosing him from jail as the church prayed in Acts 12.

Stop, look, and really listen here: we, the believers, allow the ministers of fire to come to us as we lay the tracks of prayer. We allow them to be released to work in our behalf through our good fight of faith. We employ their mission by the testimony of our hearts in word and deeds. God open our eyes and hearts!