The Last Generation of Another Realm

As Jesus reveals the coming of His Kingdom to his disciples, He tells them that in His day He will shine from one part and light up the whole like lightening that flashes out of one part under heaven shines to the other part under heaven. He continues to remind them that His Kingdom is within, not of this world. He refers to many signs that the world will begin to produce as fruit from rejecting the light of Christ. And says that when you see this happening know that this generation will not pass away before I come. We know not the hour or day but we see the season. Bible prophecy for His coming is being fulfilled every day. Right now God is transforming on this earth a last generation that will be His flashing light. It will not look like any before even though through the scriptures the quality traits of this generation are revealed.

It is a generation of eagles, who will wait on the Lord to find a renewed strength, enabling them to mount up with wings like eagles so they can run with the gospel of the Kingdom of God without weariness and walk through all circumstances without fainting. Isa.40:31 They have their mouth open to receive His good things that will renew their youth like the eagles. (Who are renewed by God to live long lives) Psalms 103:5; Psalms 50:5, 16; 81:10 They have a faith that lives high in the secret place under the shadow of the Almighty, anchored in the chambers of the Lord. They have a faith that soars above in another kingdom, not of this world, a faith that soars through the darkness of judgment and the storms of renovation. They have a faith that sees beyond the natural realm and is as unstoppable as the mighty fire of God. They are the eagles, the last generation. They are abandoned in His love and baptized in His fire to carry His healing in their wings. They have the sharp two-edged sword in their mouths to bring mercy and judgment. They carry the glory of His presence to draw hearts to the great redemptive love and compassion of Jesus Christ and His power to bind and destroy the works of the devil. They are the embodiment of the justice of God releasing the will of the Father from heaven to the earth.

It is a Joshua generation with a different spirit. They walk with the Lion of Judah. They will conquer the destiny of spiritual inheritance for this season and their lives. Not only will they take their own but many will take on the inheritances that have went to the grave with those who never walked in them. This is His offspring that will arise with power over the flesh, the world system, and the devil. The presence of God will go before them as they walk in complete obedience and all they put their hand to will prosper. They will have the courage of Joshua to claim lands, cities, schools, and nations for the Kingdom of God. There is no end to the wonders and great exploits God will do through them. The fear of the Lord will come and many will find salvation. Like Noah, they will do what has never been done before, in the face of great persecution, not by sight but by faith. They will live by the bread of life and be lead by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. Like Abraham, they will go beyond their natural abilities to see God’s will done on the earth. They are looking for a city not made with hands that dwells in the heavens and that is home. Like Isaac, there is a cross of sacrifice they carry because of love and the struggle has ceased. Like Jacob, transformation has come through tests and trails, but the heavens have opened over for them with His glory presence for great fruitfulness. Like Joseph they have a dream and the anointing is upon them to walk through sufferings, to remain faithful in dark places, for the fulfillment of saving souls and nations. Like Daniel, faithful even unto death, they will step into influential places displaying the greatness of God’s wisdom and power to large territories that will enlarge the Kingdom of God. Like John the Baptist they are preparing the way of His coming, caught between two different dispensations of God’s plan.

They will see and obey the voice beyond what is written, as Peter did seeing through a vision that God had opened a door to the Gentiles. Leaning on the heart of Jesus, as John did, they walk in intimate love receiving great revelations of the future from their King. Like Paul, they experience sudden encounters with God, heavenly visions, and angelic accompaniment and are sent out with His power. Like Enoch they walk with God until one day they are gone to be with Him. The mission of this last generation is totally the work of God, not man. It cannot be done with methods of man or religious activity. It will only be imparted to those who are seeking Him for intimate relationship, longing for His return, hungry for righteousness and thirsty for the new wine of His glory. The courage and revelation of this company must be caught by the spirit and not learned by the mental capacity. The breath of God will sustain them. This is a heart work of purity and divine character from the depth of the inner man. It is making your life a sacrifice unto Jesus and surrendering to the fire of God to burn up all that is not of God in you. All your experiences of the past, all your training and teachings, all your environment must be given over to the transforming wind of the Sprit to shake whatever life has placed in your being so that all that remains is the word and work of the Kingdom of God.

This is the now generation that is not of gender, race, age, culture, or country. You could say they have jumped out of their generation just to flow with the move of God. They have stepped out of their age limitations with its hindering generational and religious traditions to find His fresh wine skin and are filled with new wine. They have leaped out of world culture, out of class, out of race, out of country to walk in their destined spiritual inheritance in the Kingdom of God. They are a company of young and old alike who have left their personal pasts under the blood of Christ to cross over to a whole new world. They have forsaken the prideful disqualifying of gender realizing that all are equal in Christ to the grace and gifts of God. Male and female are working side by side in holiness as one. There is no class or color for the hearts are all flowing with the blood of Christ, reigning as royal kings and priests. Their culture is not of this world but of the one to come. They do not conform to normality’s, natural securities, natural preferences, fears or desires. This is a company of believers who are consumed with the mind of Christ and the heart of their heavenly Father. They burn with desire to please the Father and do His will. Their loyalty is to God and His Kingdom. They lay down their lives to serve all mankind, honor all men, love all nations and to die for the love and exaltation of their King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

There is upon us, especially in America, a great divide happening. Jesus said, “Do you think I came to give peace on the earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.” (Luke 12:49-53) He also said, as he looked at the church of “no need” in Revelation 3:14-2, ” So then, because you are lukewarm and are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth.” There is a great separating going on in the unseen hearts and lives of men and women. Spiritual hunger, spiritual confusion, but also a moral collapse is everywhere. We stand on the threshold of a mighty judgment and transformation of this whole world by the awesome sovereign hand of God. God is aligning His plumb line to His people and they have been found wanting. The door has been wide open for repentance and transformation of lives.

We read of eagles in Luke 17:37. A separation happens, some are taken, and some are left, some are taken up into His chambers and some are left in their wilderness. Some are living in the presence of the Lord in daily communion and some are being given to the affliction of their own selfish ambitions and gratifications. Then the body, the remnant church is gathered and the eagles are gathered to the body. The eagles have been carrying the fire of mercy and judgment. They are gathering the body. They have been preparing the way of the Lord. This is the day of the Lord returning to the earth. Refer to Luke 21, Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 17:20-37.

God is releasing mysteries of His kingdom now into the hearts of His people by His Spirit. When He comes, soon, He will establish this kingdom on the earth. It will fill the whole earth with His glory. We have not seen or heard or has it entered into the hearts what God has prepared for those who love Him but He has revealed them to us through His Spirit. The Spirit of God searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. Refer to I Corinthians 2.