Church! What do we really need?

What we need more than anything else is not more mega-ministries, but mega-disciples who know the one true God and do His will. We don’t need more professors, colleges, or universities but Word-based training centers that empower Christ-like disciples for a Spirit-led lifestyle of Godliness and love, fully equipped to powerfully touch the lives of all people around the world.

We do not need more individualistic Christians who divide up into denominations or non-denominations. We need many more corporate bodies of Christ who are matured in the Spirit and rich in love deeds not just possessions. We don't need more selfish ambitions to rise to their own desires of success in ministry. We need a body of Christ who have become lives laid down, disciples who do not desire to escape this world but whose passion is great to love it as Christ loved it.

We need a corporate body of Christ throughout our cities that live in holiness and unity of spirit able to stand in equality not competition. We desperately need churches to work together and pastors to form prayer meetings together for the whole city. Pastors need to take down all their success plagues off the wall of their hearts and cast their failures out that keep them in fear and insecurity. We need a fellowship that separates from being “of” the world but does not separate from being "in" it. We need corporate people of God who will take a God life into every area of life in this world and love people like Christ has loved us.

We need the body of Christ who will lay down their desires to be fed and go feed others. We need a body of Christ who will give their bank accounts and their pocket books to God and lay up their treasures in heaven, which is coming to earth. We need more disciples who will not just run to and fro for the fire of God but will be the fire of God. We need churches that want more than a form but hunger for the power of God. We need people who will press through the work of the cross dropping all their baggage and besetting sins so they can "go into the world with the power and love to destroy the works of the devil and establish the Kingdom of God which Jesus died to give us."

We need many more apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers that will come down off themselves to be the humble servants of all, the stewards of God's mysteries, and the prisoners of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need these men and women to train and travail until Christ is formed in the body of Christ. We need these leaders called of God to forget the religion that always divides and come together in unity for the Kingdom of God that cannot be shaken. We need the ministry leaders to shake off the Absalom spirit that wants to draw all men unto their own kingdom and instead draw all hearts to Jesus Christ the King of God's Kingdom. Churches that name the name of Christ must stop this trying to attract people with all kinds of ornaments and attract the Holy Spirit of God who alone draws people to Christ and the Father God.

We need more than anything else a people of God who just love God for who He is and not for what He does. We need a people of God who will not worship spiritual gifts and blessings, spiritual positions, personalities, movements or all the spiritual ornaments of today but will just love God alone, the person of Jesus Christ alone. We need lovers of God who worship Him only, purely and totally.

If the cross of Christ alone was all that was ever given from our God…it is totally enough for all eternity.