Kept in the Power of God by Faith

We are "kept" by the power of God through Faith. We are not kept by ourselves, not by our religion, not by any arm of flesh, or man's ability but rather through FAITH. We are kept by just believing; relying on becoming utterly dependent to respond to every Word He speaks.

For though He was crucified through weakness, yet He liveth by the "power of God". For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the "power of God" toward you. (2 Corinthians 13:4-5)

In our weakness, necessities, distresses and persecutions we rejoice and glory that the power of Christ will rest upon us. For herein is our strength made perfect through His grace. So in our relationships, and all our weaknesses we live by the power of God toward one another. Our faith in the Word releases us to live and to love, in freedom and transparency, not using our freedom as an avenue for the flesh but to serve and love one another with fervent love, letting love cover and conquer all; for faith is the victory that conquers all.

God's word says examine yourselves; whether you are in the faith, prove your own selves.

So since "the just will live by faith" and we will all be "kept by the power of God through our faith," and since we "cannot please God without faith," then we must make sure our "faith is real and alive."

Faith without the real fruit of the Spirit in it has no life in it to grow in you or to give away. Only real fruit has a seed in it that can reproduce. You cannot separate faith from the Spirit of God.

Faith without the real works of obedience has no power in it, so without works, Jesus cannot work through you and the Kingdom is not made manifest. You cannot separate works from the Spirit of God or you will just have law and tradition.

Faith must have substance and evidence. It is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Therefore the things God speaks or shows us we must hope for in His love knowing they are real whether we see them in the natural or not. That is tested faith. And through this tested faith and patience we will inherit the promises of God. Only then will you own it as a living word in you with seed that will grow and reproduce for others. We must remember that it also takes hopeful patience.

Genuine faith really works by love. The Holy Spirit puts love in us. Our love relationship with Jesus causes us to want to know Him. To know Him is to love Him more. The Spirit of truth then seeds faith in us. Faith then begins to grow in the womb of our hope in “all God says and shows us.” Then faith is born into substance and evidence when we act in obedient works. Faith is alive! This must be a constant lifetime process going on in us. We were destined by God to multiply and be fruitful in the Kingdom of God.

Even the devils believe in God and tremble…………….so there must be something here that goes beyond this stagnant belief. We must believe God so completely that it begins to get in our DNA and it becomes part of our nature, and therefore becomes our attitudes, actions, habits, and lifestyle. The devil believes but he has no works of obedience toward God. He is dead. Our body without the spirit is dead. Our faith without the works of obedience is dead. God, let the fruit of our faith blossom and hang on our lives to reveal Jesus Christ. Let the works of our faith tell the world what Jesus Christ came to do.

Today there is dangerous move among Christians to have a form of godliness without the power of the Spirit. The main goal is to attract people and then hope God will be attracted. The main goal is to be relational with people and hope that helps our relationship with God. We use all the gimmicks of the world to draw people but then when you have drawn them there is no power to change them. Something is so backwards here and God’s spirit will not move here to supernaturally transform a life that can live by genuine faith. It creates a veneer of a lukewarm kind of faith with no real substance or power to it. The person and presence of Jesus Christ must be the center of all. He must be the most exalted one. He must become the engrafted living word in us and that can only happen where the Spirit of God is free and moving in power.

Oh God let the dead bones live again. Let the Spirits wind blow and quicken our faith to great measures of the miraculous power of God that will transform and ignite lives with your fire.

Let all that is dead come alive …………Let all who are dead come alive.

Oh God, our cry is "Make us whole again as your people with real faith that we might be kept through this time by the power of God and able to release it to the world"

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