New Year 2006

The Lord impressed on me that in the year of 2006 He was going to remove the mixture from His church both individually and corporately. It came like this, "I will remove the mix in 2006." The heart of God is to advance, to enlarge, and to increase His church this year in wonderful ways.

We are to raise our standards and take some hard stands for the purity of the gospel. Jesus endured "the cross" for the joy of seeing us stand in His righteousness. Are we the genuine salt and light in this land for Him? Are we living holy lifestyles and doing whatever we can to promote His righteousness or have many lost their flavor? Has much of our light been darkened by our way of life? Is a great part of our endurance given to the pleasure of this world? How much compromise and tolerance of sin goes unnoticed or ignored until suddenly there is no real relationship left with the Lord, just a form of religious activity. The truth is that without holiness no man will see God. The truth is that not only is there a great apostasy arising in the land but a great falling away from the genuine faith of the gospel.

Not only does the Father want us to climb to much higher levels of spiritual endurance but also wants to increase our spiritual perception as to see time through God's eternal clock. He wants to open our eyes to see where Jesus is walking in order that we may follow closely. God wants to remove traditional blinders, religious clouds, and soulish blurs from our vision so His will is clearly seen and His real move is truly welcomed.

We must know and move in strong communion with Holy Spirit, our Divine Companion, who has the only power that will demonstrate the Kingdom of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ in this world. We cannot live now or forever in the presence of God with a form of godliness that fights against or denies the very power of the Holy Spirit. The church is infiltrated with substitutes. There is a body forming as church but has no real Spirit fellowship and Spirit unity with God and each other. The seducing spirits of the hour are seeking to bring the church to a lower level of Christian lifestyle, to less light and to living without the power of the Spirit. Therefore there is no power within to conquer the onslaughts or to discern the darkness that is increasing in our world. There are many planting a form of church or social Christian groups giving security and a good feeling; making themselves attractive to the peoples desires but not to God's. However, there is no desire to lose their lives in order to find their God-given lives. The desire or works to do the great commission Jesus gave us is lacking, and the lives of many Christians weighed in the balance of God's scales of justice are found wanting.

It is time we, as a people of God, got real honest with ourselves seeking the truth on the inward parts of us to our own hurt or pain. We need to come before God with transparent confessions and ask for forgiveness for forsaking Him in so many ways. We need the power of God in us and through us to approach the days ahead. We will never make it through to the other side, to the reward of being in on the incredible plan of God for us in eternity without our lives becoming worship unto Him in Spirit and truth and in the beauty of His holiness. Holiness without power is a sad legacy for a Christian to leave to this world as well as power without holiness, for which no man will see God. More to come!