Anchored to Win

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil”….Read Hebrew 6 13-20

Hope is the anchor that keeps us steady through all the storms, the transitions, the mountain climbing, the valley walk, the desert seasons and all life’s crises. Hope anchors us into the place where Jesus dwells. Hope anchors us into His presence no matter whether we can feel it in our emotions or not. It just does because God said it. Hope anchors us into the Most Holy Place where we find Jesus, His grace, His mercy, angelic ministry, the supernatural power of God, the sustaining power of God, and the revelations of God that defeat the gates of hell.

The Temple of the O.T. reveals what we have access to in that place. You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and your spirit is that most Holy Place. When we can go deep within us into that place we connect with the throne room of heaven and we are securely anchored in unfailing hope. Now hope believes in what it does not see. Hope is the womb of faith. With Hope we develop the eyes of faith and can see what we hope for come to pass.

Our hope is absolute and unmovable if it is anchored in the unchangeable character of God and His immutable absolute word. God is always good all the time. He is just all the time. He is love all the time. He is unable to make mistakes. He is unable to do evil. He cannot lie. He is our God and creator and there is none greater. So all things, that means all things whether good or bad, work together in our lives for good if we love Him and are called according to His purpose. Even our mistakes or failures He can turn for our good. Our great God can take the worst-case scenario life could give us and turn it around for our good. He takes all the enemy tries to do and turns it around to the good of His people who fear Him in love. He is God and He does it because He can. It is Who He is. He is the great “I AM.”

How wonderful to be put into Christ, a resurrected man yet God, who prays for us before the throne day and night. The One we are anchored in is the One who lives forever to save us so completely in the every day of our lives even in the extremes. He lives to present us one day to the Father God a glorious people kept by the power of God to forever live with Him.

No matter what happens in this world or what the enemy has done to defeat you God can take it and turn it around to give you great increase of authority, love, compassion and faith. If you put your whole being into the absoluteness of our God; in who He is and what His word says, you cannot lose. No matter how the circumstances turn out you win, because you are anchored Christ Jesus who always causes you to triumph in Him. You will make it. You have been destined to conquer and in the end of the end YOU WIN. You will overcome with great gain, which is godliness (God-likeness) with contentment. I thank God for the victory for all of us. I thank God for the Lord Jesus, our ark, our strong tower, our refuge, our hiding place, our secret place, the strong man within us, and the stronghold of our lives.