Parable of the Vineyard

It is a last day parable

Scripture references: Mark 12:1-12…Matt. 21:33-46…Luke 20:9-18…Matt 24…Rev 2-3

It's God's vineyard and He is making His last call for the fruit!

God planted His vineyard. He is the owner.
He set a hedge of protection around it: He built in the law and the prophets.
He dug a wine press in it, the nation of Israel.

He made vessels, vats to hold His wine: The promises of Abraham, the patriarchs, the Kingdom of David, from whom the Savior of the world would come and the prophets and apostles
He built a strong tower and gave watchman on the wall, prophets who would intercede.
He sent his servants, the prophets. They killed them. He sent His only begotten son. They crucified Him. The apostles of the early church picked up the task of God's vineyard. They brought the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the whole known world. So was the early rain…


It is now time for the latter rain
It comes time for God to receive His fruit of the vineyard.

He set a hedge of protection around the Kingdom of God with the blood of His son Jesus Christ
He dug a wine press in it…. vessel to hold His wine (His body, the church) Put the Holy Spirit in the vats. He poured in new wine, His word and spirit in full measure.
He built a tower………His name is a strong tower the righteous can run into and be safe.
He gave you watchmen on the wall…apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers. He gave His authority, love and power of intercession to the whole body of Christ.

His servants are among you!

He called his servants (ambassadors, messengers, prophets, etc) and sent them into the vineyard to receive the" much more" fruit and for the greater works of Christ. They beat them, threw them all out………… again and again. God is counting. The Kingdom of God is upon us.

The Father sent His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, in the days of the early rain, likewise, now in the days of the latter rain He sends His own Spirit, the third person of the Godhead.
As in the parable of the vineyard, last and third time He sends His beloved Holy Spirit, the executor of the Kingdom, to the vineyard to gather the fruit of the latter rain harvest from the earth. Father sends Holy Spirit to reprove the world of sin, of righteousness, and of coming judgment. He moves also through His servants who are humble and fully surrendered. God wants His eternal family.


He saved the best wine for the last!

God the owner has sent Holy Spirit, the one who deserves reverence, honor, and full submission to His vineyard. He comes to individuals and to corporate gatherings with outpourings like rain, like wind, like fire. He wants to immerse us in His love and power.

God sends His last! Dare we refuse Him!

The Holy Spirit is God's last move; His very own spirit comes to do the final work on the earth that will usher in the coming of the Lord Jesus. The Father sends a great outpouring of mercy and judgment to gather the fruit of the earth for the last time before the final course of His plan moves into play. It is harvest time! It is the days of latter rains!
Do we dare refuse it…………..kill the move of the H.S. cast it out…. cast out the servants who come to deliver the message and the demonstration that God is here to get His fruit. Do we dare cast out the ones God has raised up for this purpose?
Dare we refuse to beat down, cast aside and kill the move of God's beloved Holy Spirit who desires to gather the Fathers fruit of His vineyard?

The hour is late! Time to fill your vessels not just your lamps!

Individual disciples I appeal to you, can you refuse His move in you to produce His fruit?
Will you refuse the power of the Holy Spirit because others have abused it?
Will you refuse to let Him fill you with His fruit and move His gifts through you?
Will you refuse to step out of your religious box, beyond your abilities, to see your destiny in God become a reality? What about you local churches, who name the name of Christ? What are you doing with Holy Spirit? Will you refuse to become the place God can find rest and can transform lives in His presence and power?

"I know your works! I come for the last time to require your fruit!"

Can we continue to have a form of godliness with no power of the Spirit?
Can we continue to move in performance, show, and appearance and have no substance?
Can we continue to produce plastic man-made fruit and give no God life to anyone?
Can we continue to deny the Holy Spirit full control and say we have the Spirit?
Can we continue to deny all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit?
Can we continue to say we are Christian and live like the rest of the world?
Can we continue to live in our religiously learned traditions that have no Spirit-life?
Will we let the Kingdom of God be given to another? Will we let it be taken from us?

Dare we risk losing the Kingdom of God?