A Divine Work of Love

If I were to entitle this word “Repentance” no one would want to read it. So I titled it what true repentance really is, a work of love from our Father God. It is NOT condemnation, or shame or guilt. It is NOT God wanting to punish us. It is an act of the Fathers love to us. It is a beautiful thing in our lives because it causes us to be as close to our God as we can. He wants us to walk and talk with Him in the light of His love. It causes us to have the right to stand under a fountain of the divine blood of Jesus and be washed clean and be refreshed body, soul, and spirit.

When I went through a recent major surgery I was not able to shower for 14 days. When I finally was able to stand under that clean warm water and feel the refreshing of soap and water pouring over me it was wonderful. It refreshed my whole being. That experience is to be a regular part of our lifestyle.

It is no different when we live a lifestyle of repentance regularly with the Lord. It is refreshing to know we can continually stay clean in our conscience, pure in our intuition and unhindered in spirit worship. Our soul can stay focused toward God and sensitive to our spirit. We can stay hungry for His presence and power in our lives. Even our bodies can be energized. That is the power of the cleansing flow of the blood of Christ as we learn how to stay “humbly’ before the throne of grace, being “honest with ourselves” to have a “genuine confession” and a “turning away” from the desires of the flesh nature in us. In a sense repentance is a spiritual shower.

We can have the wrong idea about our Father who loves us so perfectly. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift. All we have been given is for life and godliness so that we live in this world unmistakably as true sons and daughters of God. In God there is absolutely no darkness, He is the Father of light. He is patient, kind, just, and full of mercy. He is love. His judgments are always just and right. They are His love as they draw His creation back toward Him so He can forgive them and bless them. Repentance is a gift from the Fathers love. It is the right to stand under the fountain of forgiveness through Jesus blood. It wipes away even the stain of sin. This spiritual shower gives us the clean hands and pure heart. Then we truly can ascend the hill of the Lord where we commune with Him in His presence and be empowered.

True repentance is judging yourself that you might not be judged. It is a pride crusher. It is not suffering or to be feared and treaded, but rather a blessing in Kingdom culture.

True repentance is sorrow over distance between you and God or you and people. It is the strong desire and action always toward “reconciliation” with God or people. Therefore it maintains intimate fellowship with the Lord and His family. It testifies the witness of Jesus Christ, who is the Fathers love to all. It releases the “redeeming power” of Christ into your life to buy back any thing you have lost. It takes humility, integrity, and faith to fully experience this gift.

I John 1 explains it so well. God says if we do not accept a repentant lifestyle and be honest with ourselves our fellowship is broken and we (verse 7 and 9) we could be listed under the hypocritical (verse 6) or the deceived (verse 8 ) or rebellious pride. (verse 10). Thank God we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous one who gave His life for us. He is our mercy seat and it is His blood that cries out for us (see I John 2:1). Read I John 1 and 2. It is one of the greatest messages ever written.

Scripture tells us Jesus will come for us, a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle. There is only one way for that to be possible and that is through His blood in genuine repentant living. So Christ the “perfect one” will come when He sees His own righteous reflection in His church, which is His body and His eternal family. Wow! Praise God! I want to live in this place. How about you?