When I See the Blood

God says, ”When I see the blood of my Son sprinkled on a life by faith, I will pour out My goodness and mercy. I will heal all their diseases and keep them from the plagues of the earth. I will protect them from the schemes and devices of the enemy and bring them out of tribulations with more than enough. I will cleanse them of all their transgressions and deep heart iniquities. When I see the blood of my Son I will give my Divine energy and strength. All things that pertain to life and godliness I will give them. Every good and perfect gift from above I will give them. When I see the blood I will deliver them from the chains the devil has put on their feet, I will take the evil controlling yokes from off their necks, I will loose the fetters that bind their hands and hearts from godliness and purity. God says “when I see the blood of my Son on the doorpost of a life, a heart, a family then I will pass over them with my death angel of judgment. I will let my wrath pass over them and not touch them. I will give them light when all around there is darkness, I will give them food when none is to be found. I will give them water from the most unlikely places. I will shade their life, satisfy their soul and pour out My grace upon them.”

God says, “When I see the blood of my Son, I see one who is overcoming their own fallen nature, the lust of the world, a testimony of Jesus Christ; He is a living witness of the real love and power of Jesus Christ. And he loves not his own life unto death because the same power that raised Christ from the dead into immortality is fully alive in His eternal being. For the one whose faith is overcoming through the power of Jesus blood, death has lost its sting and the grave has lost its power. They know deep within the best is yet to come.”

When God sees the blood of His son today He sees a life that knows there is still power today in the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ. When God sees the blood He sees one who believes Jesus suffered and died shedding His righteous holy blood for us to possess. A supernatural transfusion takes place and the Spirit born heart and spirit receives a Holy righteous blood for he is a new creation and will become a partaker of the DNA of God His real Father. The Spirit of God sprinkles the lives of believers with the royal heavenly blood and then comes the oil of His anointing for love and service.

Since we existed in God the Father’s heart before we were ever in our mother’s womb, our goal in this life is to return to that heart of our Father God through the Holy Spirit and live this life from that great heart of love. From the Father’s heart God life is transfused into us; Christ inside, His nature and His power is cleansing us, changing us and marking us for protection. All the benefits of His divine blood are ours.

God says, “Where I see the blood of my Son, I will give access to all I am and all I have. These lives will be my eternal family, I will be their God and they will be my Sons and Daughters. They will live with Me in My new heaven and new earth forever and ever.”

Father God we pray bring a revival of faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ to your people and to the earth once again.