An Offering of Faith and Gratitude for the Blood of Jesus

This offering of faith and gratitude is related to the article on the blood posted last week. If you have not read that article, you can read that article by clicking here.

“A written offering of My Faith and Gratitude for your Blood, Jesus”

Thank you Jesus for Your Righteous Holy blood shed on the cross for us. We receive your life DNA as we lay down our lives and allow Your liquid love to pierce our hearts so a supernatural transfusion can happen.

Because of Your blood I can be clean, without spot or stain of sin in my heart and life. Every sin or transgression is erased and I am washed white as snow. Even the deep inner iniquity or heart trouble is blotted out of my soul and spirit. I can live in your righteousness.

Because of Your blood, my mind is whole, my will is strong for you, and my emotions are stable in your love. My body is set free from disease and sickness. I am healed and whole body, soul, and spirit.

Because of Your blood I can have your DNA. I can be like You. I can look like You, Jesus.

Because of Your blood I am strengthened from day to day with God life; the nutrients of heaven are transfused into me.

Because of Your blood I am delivered from all the evil powers of darkness, demonic wickedness, weapons, and strategies of the devil.

Because of Your blood I am protected from plaques and disease. Your blood is the antidote. Your blood kills the disease and Your blood is mine.

Because of Your blood I am marked and sealed for it is sprinkled on my whole life. I am protected in the judgment and wrath to come.

Thank you Jesus for giving me Your life- blood. Know me and keep me faithful to confess my sin before you that my body, soul, and spirit can be cleansed, pure and holy. I will see YOU. My whole life will be covered, and empowered to the praise of Your glory and to the riches of your inheritance in me.