Only In His Presence

Recently I asked the Lord to remove all burdens from me except what He would give me. His yoke is easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:30) After seeking the Lord from a heavy burden He gave me, this came to my heart for the body of Christ in every ministry around the world.

If we have everything perfect and do not have "the presence of God" we have failed to produce real Christianity. If the presence of God does not go before us the Holy Spirit is not leading. If we do not become carriers of the presence of God we will not have the Kingdom of God. So in that light, why do we do what we do on our Sunday meetings and prayer meetings, or anything else we do as a corporate body of Christ or a ministry?

If Sunday morning is solely an "appointment with God "then we will not keep Him waiting for any practice or the service. If our times of worship and prayer together are an appointment with God we will come with our best to give to our God the worship due Him. We will come only to bring our service to Him, to make a place, an atmosphere, where the King of glory can come. We will come to seek His person, His manifested presence, the thick presence of God, which is His glory with us. It should be the absolute most critical reason for even coming. We will come to be transformed into His image because He came into our midst. We will come with hearts ready to meet Him. We will come to lose ourselves and to give ourselves, not just to get. (It is about Jesus, others, then you.) To often we only come to be served rather than to serve the Almighty God first. We will come to bring our sacrifice to Him, which is our whole life. (body soul spirit) We will come to join our Spirit with the Holy Spirit, which is true worship.

God seeks a place to inhabit first within us and then with us. If we do not become this it is all in vain. How will the lost, confused, and hurting world know that God is with us and that His mercy and grace abounds if the presence of God does not go before us? How can we as his priest and kings have the authority to carry His presence if God does not meet with us? In His presence only is the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to cause us to be a reflection in this world of the glory of Christ.

We must make a consecrated decision in faith that we will not go forward to be a witness or a ministry for Jesus Christ without His presence. Like the children of Israel did in Exodus 32 lets put our self on the Lords side, removing our "Golden Calves" of worship, and stripping our self of any hindering ornaments. Like Moses in Exodus 33: 12-17 let's get serious with God and say, "we do not want to go forward without His presence." Seek Him from the depth of your being and pursue to give to God the worship due Him. True worshippers must worship God in Spirit and Truth.

In a practical sense if we were to set our goal to prepare our hearts on Saturday night with expectancy of meeting with God Sunday and worship with that victory in our heart above all the other cares of life stuff, obstacles, and fleshy attitudes, then the Lord will come in ways we desperately need. He will do the impossible among us and through us. Unusual changes will take place, unusual strength, energy, peace, desires will change and fresh new ideas will come. His favor will be upon us. The Father wants us to be free and the Holy Spirit set free.

If we come to prayer to serve Him in prayer we will meet with Him. We need to come not to petition our desires but to pray His will, pray His word and seek the intercession of the Holy Spirit to pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on the earth as it is in heaven." We will then encounter His presence and power. If we come to equipping sessions and come hungry to serve Him first then we will meet with God and hear His voice and be empowered through His word and Spirit. So in all we do we must do first unto Him, to serve Him first.

This is the real place God is calling His church to and we must get here or miss the glory of God that He is pouring out. We must get here or miss the wave of revival and harvest we are to experience. We can turn away our God-given opportunity by just putting ourselves or wrong things up as top priority….Oh God forbid. We can miss our season of great victory if we fail to worship Him first.

Church! Nothing…absolutely nothing can be more important than paying the price for His presence. Not respectability, not people popularity, not power, position, or silver and gold can ever take the place the greatness of His presence. Whatever it cost you, just respond to God, do His will and Worship Him above all. The reward is great grace and power in this life and His eternal Glory.

Church! If we do not answer this call to PURSUE HIS PERSON AND THEREFORE HIS PRESENCE ABOVE ALL, then we lose "His Kingdom come" in us and through us. We just cannot live for "this life alone" and exist outside of its eternal God perspective. Neither can we just live " church life as we know it" alone and totally miss Him. The Eternal God perspective is " He will show me the path of life: In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand (of power) are pleasures forever more. Psalms 16:11

But as it is written, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things, which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God has revealed them to us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. I Corinthians 2:9-10

How can we worship Him without the Spirit of God? How can we come to worship our God and stay in our self-righteous attitudes, our fleshy opinions, our own best religious plans and abilities? We must have His Spirit or we have no life. We must seek His person, to serve Him first or we have no manifested presence.

Oh Father, anoint this word. May we, your people, truly repent and be revived in your presence. We will not go forward without your presence. Show us your glory, Come with your presence. Majesty surrounds you Jesus and we do not want to go on with out YOU. . Come again Spirit of God, in great power to your people, and immerse us for such a time as this. We belong immersed in your presence. Amen