The Heart of Life

Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are all the issues of life
Proverbs 4:23

The heart is an incredible pump in our body. It pumps the flow of life, the blood, through us every day as it beats continually without any rest. It brings nutrients to us, oxygen to us, and filters out what could hurt us. It is the center of all other systems in our body; all life flows from the heart to the rest of our body. This amazing heart God created and put in us. He made it in the image of God. His heart is surely the center of all that exists throughout eternity. It is His heart that pumps life into everything that has breath or life. All breath is in His hands. All creation bows down to His greatness and waits for His flow of life upon it.

The heart God has given us is located between our soul and our spirit. Our heart holds one hand with the soul part and one hand with the spirit part of us. Hebrews12:4 says only the word of God can divide and discern between the two. God lives in the spirit, but the soul must be renewed to oneness with the God who lives within.

The Kingdom of God begins in the spirit heart that has been made brand new by the entrance of the Holy Spirit. So the spiritual heart holds a new creation in Christ. But part of the heart lies in the mind, will and emotion which is the soul and it must willingly be dedicated to process of becoming one with the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

Something deep inside me witnesses to me that the Heart of the Father God was my first home. And I am now finding my way back to live in this world from that Heart. When Holy Spirit is freely moving in the heart He will build the righteous nature, the peace and the joy within and without that was full and rich in Jesus Christ. In other words, He will build the Kingdom of God in you. He will build within the friendship and intimate communion with the God the Father and Christ Jesus. He will build within the power to destroy the works of the enemy and to turn the injustice of this world system to justice. The Kingdom of God will be released from you.

The Kingdom of God is to be released to the world around you with the same flow of God life that was in Christ Jesus. It is a heart to heart kind of life. Your heart beating in tune with Jesus’ heart and doing the things He did. Two hearts becoming one. Many hearts in Jesus becoming a force on the earth that conquers through love and touches many lives with that love. My heart cries out for more of this love. My prayer is that I want to love God, as He deserves to be loved with His own love. Holy Spirit you are the one who comes into us and immerses us into His love and power so humbly I ask you, humbly I cry out for more.

I believe our great God is a Father who loves and wants a family for eternity. He gave His heart when He sent the Word of God, the second person of the Godhead to the earth and named Him the only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Jesus came from the very heart of God to save us by paying the sin debt for all of mankind which caused His heart to burst wide open as He bore it all on the cross. But the grave did not hold Him for He became the first fruits of a new resurrected mankind. Those who would believe and give their hearts to Him would experience a supernatural change in their heart; He would be a new creation in them. He saw those who would come to Him and believe in Him as a pearl of great price worth giving His own life to save. He saw us like a beloved bride for eternity. He saw an eternal family, in the image of His Father whose hearts would beat as one with His.

He spoke that the answer to eternal life was to love the Lord your God with all your heart. He created the heart to love not hate. He created the heart to sing, to be filled with joy, to worship. And all hearts will worship something or someone because that is their main purpose. It is worship, the worship of our lives that is the muscle of the heart and it will beat for what it worships.

How keenly the fallen cherub Lucifer is aware of this truth so He works from the very beginning of time to create as many forms of religions, of glittering forms of seductions for the heart and influencing the worship of all creation instead of the creator. His greatest deception is planted in the heart of mankind from birth. His fall was pride that wanted worship for his own self. He wanted to be celebrated and so lead the revolt against God. When Adam and Eve came into agreement with him in the garden Lucifer was legally able to capture mankind and plant his fallen nature in them. Satan bound all of mankind in an orphanage of sin and death, becoming their father of lies, stealing them away from their God who is the Father of Love. Lucifer fell into prideful rebellion under heaven’s perfect conditions and great glory in the very presence of God. Jesus came and opened those prison doors to our orphanage positions and mindsets and set us free from the sin and hopeless death that bound us. We have the right to become sons of God with all the benefits of the Fathers house and eternal inheritance. Praise the Lord!

Through believing in the one absolute truth and giving our lives up to Jesus we become a new creation with a new heart. Now Holy Spirit does something supernatural in us; Christ Jesus is born in us and for the first time we are free and have new life that never ends. Our lives then become a season of decisions to let God renew our minds to His word and promises, to help us learn to love like He does, and to build His family on the earth until He returns again to set up His Kingdom of earth. Now He is building His Kingdom on the earth through His sons and daughters who have given their hearts to His heart to find the grace to be empowered to live this life for Him in all circumstances and all environments and all relationships.

“Oh God all the Glory is due You! Jesus all the joyful benefits of your suffering are due You.”