Abortion Mill

We stand for hours watching women walk into the Abortion Mill to kill the life that's in them. And we see the women walking out of the clinic…hurting, limping, struggling. A few hours earlier, the young baby, who can actually feel pain, was struggling to get away from the instrument….the instrument that would eventually kill it. We play worship music on the loudspeaker. We hold signs saying "Jesus Offers Hope", "Abortion is Not the Solution", "Abortion is Murder", and "Please Don't Do This". We hand out tracts to all who will take them. We preach until the words don't come anymore. We pray for breakthrough, for God's heart, for conviction, for salvation. The fruit is few and far between in Western Church standards. And then…..

There's the couple that stays in the car and reads the tract and hears the music and preaching. And they weep and talk it through and eventually decide to have the child. And all of heaven rejoices for the one. Are the dozens that don't turn around a deterrent for the one that does? Not on your life! God gives us these treasures and we keep coming back because He did the same for us. He's proven Himself faithful to stop for the one…for us, and we will do the same for those who have no voice.