The Vision

Vision for Trumpets of Zion in the USA, in Africa,
And Wherever God leads us.

God’s assignment to us is to train disciples who will train others. We are to see a multiplication anointing. The heart of the vision is to train disciples who will know their God, hear His voice, and do His will. God and Heaven will also know them for they will seek to be a living testimony of Jesus Christ on the earth.

The goal is to release Christ like lovers of God who live an abandoned life in His presence through the revelatory word and anointing of Holy Spirit. These disciples are to be bold lion hearted reformers in the Kingdom of God with a humble spirit and pure heart. They will be a voice and a force for God.

This is God’s vision, a gift of God to our mission in Africa or wherever God takes us. It is to freely give Jesus, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, in the anointing of love and power. When God can change hearts He can change a nation.

We believe the vision belongs to God and we are not about to touch it. We are to believe God and obey His voice. All Glory belongs to Jesus Christ. We did not die for the world He did. We thank God for this privilege to carry His word. We have a pure-hearted burning desire to see God’s treasures, His people, transformed into His image and for all Glory to go to God.

Vince and Janee Hawks

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