Vince and FriendAt Trumpets of Zion we believe that Discipleship fuels Evangelism, so all outreach flows from the point of discipleship. The best way to ignite a fire for evangelism is to begin with taking the first commandment seriously and committing your life to discipleship under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will then begin to reveal the heart of Jesus and the natural outflow of that revelation will be a burning desire to share Jesus with others. It is one thing to share the gospel because of outward compulsion, but another thing to share the gospel because the Lord has shown you His heart for the lost. Once you have felt the Lord's heart breaking over the world, how can you not go?

Discipleship Fuels Evangelism

We hold regularly scheduled outreach activities where we focus specifically on an area that the Lord has put on our heart. However, all our outreach activities are done with the vision that as believers we stop segregating our lives into "outreach" and "non-outreach" modes, but begin to see all our lives as one great mission field and one great opportunity to take Jesus wherever the Holy Spirit directs us. If each of us would take Jesus to our own sphere of activity, the church would multiply rapidly.

Katrina Team

Local outreaches are varied and have included neighborhood block parties, "Sidewalk Sunday School", serving the homeless, street evangelism, ministry in New Orleans after Katrina, Ministry in Florida after hurricane Wilma, caroling, and prayer for the sick with evangelism at the local mall and local neighborhoods. We also find it a joy to work with other ministries in our outreach activities and have developed many valuable relationships over the years with other ministries locally and abroad.

Kenya Missions

In addition to local outreach as part of the TOZ training center, we also offer the opportunity for foreign missions through Trumpets of of Zion International. Trumpets of Zion International is established in Kenya, Africa and provides the experience of reaching out in a foreign missions environment. There are frequent opportunities to visit Kenya as a part of a short term missions trip. In addition, there are opportunities to serve as a missionary in Kenya for a longer term.

For more information on current outreach activities, please contact Trumpets of Zion or contact our Outreach Leader, Tim Pugh, directly at 678.469.3182.