Divine Explosion is Coming

Prophecy given to me by the Lord in prayer on July 28th 2011. – Janee Hawks

The Lord spoke to me “DIVINE EXPLOSION” is coming.

Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered;
Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. Psalms 68:1

It will be destructive to the enemy’s camp.
God will arise and every enemy will be scattered in many lives and long-term oppositions will be scattered into nothingness. Many blockades of delay will be blown up. Evil oppressions, unhealthy habits, and ungodly strongholds in people’s lives will be shattered and blown apart.
Governments, media, cities and nations will see the results of the mighty arm of the Lord. They will be shaken and disarmed. This increase of light from the explosion will unveil darkness and deception in many high places and people.
Many of the devils schemes of destruction will backfire on him: and they will be turned into great advancements for the Kingdom of God.
The enemy will have his season but the church of Jesus Christ will arise to its intended glorious state and the words of John will come to pass “The spirit and the Bride say come.” Then the Father will say Jesus, go get your bride.

“The spirit and the Bride say come.” – Revelation 22:17

It will explode and release a violent expansion in the Kingdom in which energy is transmitted outward as a shock wave.
There will be fragments of power and glory hit the body of Christ and Kingdom ministries all over the world. (Like fire balls and glory bombs)
There will be outbreaks of revival and salvations from those fragments aiming with purpose throughout the atmosphere. Transformation will erupt.
There will be sudden increase in many arenas of life, outbreaks of the miraculous and the beginning of brand new activity in the spirit realm. There will be sudden outbursts of passion, light and sound in God’s Kingdom believers.

I really feel it is a prophetic word on a large scale, which just says God is going to display His greatness to this world. It will not come in our way but in His way. It may not all be easy or even comfortable at times. It may surprise many and not be the expected. The charge to us all has nothing to do with who we are, or how much we are loved, or what we do or don’t do, but rather just


We are to begin now to decree it over our lives, our families, our churches, our cities, and nations for it will come.


South Africa – December 2010

Vince and I were honored to take part in a mission trip to South Africa with our church Atlanta Revival Center and pastor Vance Murphy. We ministered every evening for a week in a tent church in the area of Tonga located about 10k from Mozambique border, and 15k north of the Swaziland border.

Ministering in South Africa

Every service was unique and each night God allowed us to experience the fire and glory of God. We saw hundreds of people come to Christ for salvation. Many were delivered and healed in body and soul. Many were encouraged in the Lord. The darkness of witchcraft was pushed back in the area as the power of the Kingdom of God was released. The pure and simple gospel of Jesus Christ preached always releases the power of the God. We believe for the fire of God to remain with them so much more can be done to the Father’s praise and glory.

Response to Altar Call

We visited the children’s home of IRIS ministries, praying and encouraging them. We also attended a children’s feeding center near-by and was able to assist in their Christmas Party. We saw 400 eat with only enough food for 200. This is not unusual for them to experience. Little ones lined up with their little bowls to get a small portion of rice. They are so amazing to see the joy on their faces and in their hearts because of the love of Jesus they experience.

Vince at IRIS

We were blessed to be a part of the personal ministry among our group and develop closer relationships with the church body. One particular Morning Prayer meeting was charged with the power and presence of God among the group. It also directly affected the tent meeting that evening with great victories in taking ground for God in the Tonga area and in the personal lives of the people.

Janee at IRIS’ Feeding Center

Finally, a first time perk for us was a day tour through Krueger Park, the world’s largest natural habitat animal reserve. It was amazing that we saw everything except the cheetah up close and personal. One pride of Lions were about 100 feet from our vehicle and even a huge rhino so close we could see his eyes. The whole experience was a special gift from God.

We love Africa and cry out for this continent to become a force of God’s light on the earth. Africa will light the world as it burns with the fire of God’s love.

Vince and Janee Hawks