Trumpets of Zion Kenya

Update from Apostle Peter Onyango
Trumpets of Zion International
Kenya March 10, 2008

God has a great plan for Africa even though Africa seems to be neglected, in turmoil, in civil war and resources plundered by the Leadership. God bless Africa!

What we are doing small scale with training the leaders to live the Kingdom truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a contribution toward the bigger picture of changing a whole nation for God.

We are experiencing Gods presence and power in our leadership meetings even as we deliberate a full day on ministerial issues. Great fellowship and love amongst the brethren is evident. God is moving us from power to power and we thank Him for that. Also last Sunday we had 13 baptized.

We are working to expand the area of ministry by working with other pastors and ministries. We know it is God ordained and will be profitable to the Kingdom of God.

Then the big day comes on the 23rd March, the 1st year Anniversary. God has done great things in one year.

Now, our graduation of 33 leaders and the ordination of our pastors is planned sometime in May.

We also thank God for the ministry car, which makes our mission more effective. God worked a miracle to provide this car and will work many more.

Kenya Update Kenya Update
Kenya Update Kenya Update
Kenya Update

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