“A Forerunner Call”

God’s heart for this ministry as He revealed it to me is to build “a people of God” described as follows:

A people of God from all walks of life without race, gender, age, or culture barriers are being set free to be the pioneers for the next generation that will transition the church into a mighty people who walk in the presence and power of the living Lord and King, Jesus Christ. They will carry the apostolic-prophetic anointing that will build His Kingdom through the greater works of Christ; “Thy Kingdom Come on the earth.” They will hold the keys to unlock the ancient doors that no man can open and no man can shut.

These are the people who will fulfill the Revelation 19:10 “The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. Prophetic people who know the heart and mind of the Lord for this present time and allow their lives to testify of who Jesus Christ is and was and ever shall be. Their minds are full of His mind, their wills are fused with His, and their emotions are channeled and rooted in the depth, height, width, and length of His love. There is healing in their hands, deliverance in their mouth, and His joy in their hearts. They glow with the face of Jesus and He has lifted up His countenance upon them and given them the privilege to carry His name. They are fulfilling the scripture “As He is in this world, so are we”( I John.4:17)

These will be people of His presence who have seen into His face, people who see with prophetic insight and foresight into hearts and lives to bring change; they will see into the realms of darkness and bring forth light. These are humble servants, friends of God, intimate lovers who have spirit ears that hear the Spirit of the Lord and obey the voice of their King. Their lives are on assignment from day to day and signs and wonders will follow them. They have been baptized fresh in the river of life from the throne of God and are set on fire at the altar of consecration, tied with cords of love and have become as a moth to the consuming flame of God.

These are the ones who answer the call; I will give up my life for Jesus Christ to live through me, I will pay the price to know Him in the depth of who He was, is and shall ever be. Counting it all loss, laying down all golden crowns, and falling down in worshipful adoration of the Lion/Lamb who is the One and Only Lord and King. The Call is heard in the depths of their spirits “Come up here” “Come into the chambers of the Lord” and they respond with a holy hunger. This is a people of God kindred to those who turned the world upside down for the gospel one person at a time.

So Be It!……………………Janee Hawks