The Bethel Series

We live in a fast paced world.  We have fast cars, high-speed internet and mega-bite computers.  Our lives are filled with demands that require our time.  We are streched at work, obligated to our family duties and church duties.  They are cluttered with television, radio, the internet and peers who all call for our attention.  So…where do we turn to get a proper perspective?  Where do we go to make sense of the world today?  Is There an answer to our hectic paced lives and all the demands made of us? The answer is Jesus. 

Yes Jesus!!! The savior who will save us from ourselves.  How do we come to a deeper knowledge and relationship with our Lord and Savior?  That’s where the Bethel Series can help.  Today’s world has many Bible studies and study guides to help us read and interpret what the Bible says.  Many of these studies are excellent tools, but the Bethel Series stands out from the crowd.

The Bethel Series has a unique overview approach of the Old and New Testaments that immerses the student in the Bible. It provides the tool to help establish a biblical knowledge base; and in the process of the study, the student lifts from the pages of Scripture the wonderful story of how God has moved through history to bring about his plan of salvation.  Herein lies the groundwork for a student’s firm foundation of faith.

The Bethel Series is not just another series of Bible classes.  It is a carefully planned program that equips you for years to come.  Through the study of the Bible, people are called to live their daily lives in accordance with God’s Word.

The Bethel Series began in one church out of a need to raise the biblical literacy of the lay people in the congregation.  It worked so well that its grown to thousands of  churches and reached beyond denominational walls.  The Bethel Series has proven to be successful for almost 50 years in over 6000 churches in the United States and in foreign countries, reaching millions of people.

The Bethel Series with it's simple overview of the Old and New Testaments, confronts people with Jesus of Nazareth.  Anyone seriously confronted with Jesus of Nazareth is going to be transformed in the way he or she thinks about everything.  You cannot be confronted with the Christ of the Scriptures without being changed. Serious commitment to the Bethel Series will result in lives changed for eternity.  

There are no shortcuts to understanding the biblical message.  The Bethel Series was written to enhance the student's understanding of the Christian faith.  The basic concept of a simple overview under disciplined training has proven to be timeless.  The Bethel Series is an investment in your Christian life, it requires hours of challenging study, and there is a nominal fee. These commitments of time, work and money are some of the key factors that contribute to the success of the program.

Overview Study of the Bible 

One of the most unique features of the Bethel Series is the fact that it uses the entire Bible as its textbook. Instead of teaching through a series of the most popular areas of the Bible– or by the "bits-and-pieces" method–it presents a total framework for a strong foundation of biblical understanding.

This overview study presents the Bible without imposing theological knowledge. It speaks the language of the lay person, and it meets the students where they are–not where the church wishes they were.

The overview gives each student an understanding of the biblical concepts as they relate to the entire book, and of the entire book as it relates to the concepts. Through the Bethel Series, students gain an overall understanding of the Bible and the messages it really holds for them.

The Bethel Series crosses denominational lines because while the Bethel Series provides the biblical framework, each teacher continues to provide the biblical theology.  In a sense, it's a return to the basics, because the program recognizes that there are no shortcuts to understanding the entire message of the Bible. Since the Bethel Series is long-range, it presents a challenge to know the Word of God in order to carry out the will of God.

Most Bible study courses are short-range and fragmented. They are centered around a once-a-week meeting, with no follow-through or transition into other study. They don't consider an overall understanding of the entire Bible in order to build a strong knowledge base. The Bethel Series is a long-range program which studies the entire Bible.

The Bethel Series offers an excellent tool to enhance the biblical literacy within Christian congregations nationally and internationally.  The study uses a historical approach to the Hebrew-Christian heritage of faith with an overview of the Old and New Testaments.  Hermeneutics, the study of the Scriptures in the context of the period in which they were written, brings a great understanding of the biblical narrative.

The mission of the Bethel  Series is to lead members of a local  church into disciplined study of Scripture in such a way that they encounter the Living Christ.

Trumpets of Zion will begin Bethel Classes in the fall of 2006.

Schedules will be determined according to enrollment so register early.