TOZ International

TOZ is a ministry vehicle yielded to the constant moving in the River of God’s Spirit yet planted steadfast on the Rock, Christ Jesus. We seek to stay immersed in the fire of God and to maintain His abiding manifested presence.

The vision of TOZ International is to equip leaders, pastors, and all believers with Apostolic-Prophetic foundation as Kingdom Empowered Disciples of Christ to reach lives, families, churches, cities and nations with the pure and powerful gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Above all, the mission is to encounter God, to know Him, to know His voice and walk in His Spirit. The goal is to equip the church to be Kingdom minded, Holy Spirit empowered, and to know His abiding Glory.

Jesus Christ has made us Kings and Priests through His blood to establish “on the earth the same as it is in heaven.” He gave His own body on the earth dominion as Lords of the earth, sealed with His Holy Spirit to establish His Kingdom. We are learning to be royalty with authority in yielded humble vessels of dirt; For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory is Yours God forever and ever.

God’s plan can only be accomplished by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and prophetic word of the Lord, His present truth. As we create a comfortable atmosphere for His Glory to abide in our midst we will be changed into His likeness. God make us all seekers who will behold the Lord Jesus in His word and His glory for transformation, restoration and reformation in our families, churches, our cities, nations, and ourselves.

Vince and Janee Hawks
Trumpets of Zion International Directors

Kenya May 2010

God is moving in Kenya and all over the world. We are so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to recently minister the gospel of the Kingdom in Kenya. The church is in an awakening of  a reformation that will bring the coming of the Lord to the earth. Believers everywhere are coming out of many dead traditions man has made in the church age and into the Kingdom Age.  God has destined the body of Christ to infiltrate His Kingdom into every kingdom of this world. The church all over the world is breaking out of  the cocoon of  yesterday . Transformation by the Spirit of the Lord is giving the church a whole new face , a new heart with the freedom to become a real testimony of Jesus Christ.  The capacity to hold what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing in lives on the earth today requires a fresh baptism of  the fire of God and a heart surrendered to receive an indestructible  new wine skin.  Holy Spirit is pouring into the bride of Christ new wine for this age of  the Fathers love  and joy, with unstoppable faith and an abiding  glory.

Vince and I  were able to fellowship, pray , prophesy and minister  to groups of leaders and believers in several churches. We shared the truth of the heart of the Kingdom which brought the power of transformation to many. Repentance is such  gift of love from God and many  leaders and believers received gifts from Holy Spirit, fresh vision and anointing.We prayed  for the sick and for the little children laying hands of all of them.  God was faithful to encourage , to set some free, to bring healing in many areas, and to confirm His word with some supernatural sign everywhere we ministered.  We planted seeds of purpose where God spoke to give  and God will give an increase .We have testimony from some of the pastors that are seeing the Lord’s fruit from this trip. We thank God for nothing is accomplished by our human efforts or ability but only “by the Spirit of the Lord. “We give all the glory to God for He alone is worthy”             Vince and Janee Hawks In Jesus mighty name may the faith of Kenya be in the power of God not in any wisdom or efforts of man. May they know the fear of the Lord that will bring great favor on the bride of Christ in Africa. And may Africa stay on its knees before the one true God until fire and glory sweeps across this great continent and spreads to other nations.


” A Church on fire and growing the Kingdom of God.”


“Young men with hearts for God,leaders of this age”


Husband and wife honor each other as equal in the grace and gifts of God to minister as one in the Bushilil area of Kenya


“Little hands lifted to God, so precious”

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