Go To The World With the Power of God

God is about to perform His word. He is putting His standards in the mouths of His prophets. He is speaking with His plumb line that measures the crooked lines of our lives to make them straight. It is time to make the mixture pure. It is time to tolerate no more sin or conformity to ways of the world. We the people of God must mature into the full measure of Christ with purity so we have a full measure of the Sprit of God flowing through our lives. The vision of “His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven” will not tarry. The people need to know a mighty God of love and truth and live there so they will be the power of God on the earth.

The world must see the power of God in us, the people of God. The world needs to see that the God of the Bible is the one true God and there is none other or none greater. The devil is a real power in this world daily deceiving and sending people to destruction as he counterfeits the real move of God perverting, contaminating, and making wrong seem right. We, the church have allowed our enemy to do the same to our lives, to our gospel message and faith. When God sees the fruit of evil is ripe on the earth He will tarry no longer. He will be all-powerful in judgment and mercy. It is time for us, God’s people, to show the world the power of God. Micah the prophet spoke in a day of decline in the nation of Israel. He brought a case against the prophets who spoke err to the people saying peace is coming. Micah speaks “But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel.

If we will focus on complete obedience to all we know and to His voice in our deep then we will continually live with access to His power. In our relationships, in disciplines, in all life’s issues, the little and the big things, we must seek Him for His heart to flow to ours and ours back to Him for then is the power source of His love available to flow from us. We can receive His power daily from an intimate relationship with our faithful Holy Spirit companion. We daily make it a practice to stay in a peaceful trust. We must position ourselves in His presence; in the river of the Holy Spirit, deep enough to let the river take control and move us into the middle of God’s perfect will. Then the power of God will flow to us, in us and thru us.

Becoming a constant and consistent conqueror in Christ will give us His power and authority. It will increases in us every time we conquer the flesh. It will increase in us as we destroy the works of the devil, and not compromise with the pride and lust system of this world. Nothing can separate us from His love. We have been made MORE than conquerors through Christ that we might have the power of God through conquering all that stands in opposition to really knowing our God and becoming like Him.

Beloved draw nigh to your Holy friend, coworker, source of truth, source of love, and source of power who lives in you. He is the person, the Holy Spirit, who been sent from the Fathers heart to your heart so there is a constant flow of God life for you in all the issues of life. Reverence Him and His presence, respect His desires and will, do not quench him with control, do not grieve him with your speaking wrong, or living wrong. He is to have your honor, your constant ear. Watch to see what form He is speaking in to you and you will learn to hear His language. We must develop more communion with Him. He corrects us, warns us, and carries the heart of the Father God to us. He is heaven sent to the earth……….He is earth bound to live in us, Gods people. Now listen to the words of Jesus: John 16:8-11

It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And He will reprove the world of sin because they do not believe, and of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and you see me no more; of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.

The Holy Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth; He will glorify Christ on the earth through His people. He will receive from the Father and from Christ and give it to the believers. Wow! He will do the work if you make yourself available to co-labor with Him, respecting Him, and giving Him all reverence and honor in your life. Making Jesus alive to this world has to be a lifestyle. We must become a lighthouse for the lost. We must become a healing balm to the sick. We must become a compassionate lover of God who can love the unlovable and the unloved. We, the people of God desperately need an “awakening” to be Jesus with skin on all the time, wherever, whenever God points to a need, a place to be, or to a single person who just seems to light up to you. Then step out…go for it.


The world needs to know the one answer for their lives is in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The world needs to know someone cares enough to reach out to them. The world needs to hear that many have died for their freedom, but only one has died for their souls. And all that matters at death is what did you do with Jesus Christ the one and only way God made for the salvation of all mankind alike. They need to hear that they are lost without coming to God through Jesus Christ. They need to hear that they must believe on Jesus Christ who suffered and died the death of the cross for them to be free from sin, death and hell or they will eternally exist in place of evil misery and suffering. To live and die now without Jesus Christ as your Lord and life will result in an eternal hell that is very real. They need to know that at the cross all their sin were taken on Him, all their past was dealt with, the power of evil was stripped, and this evil run system we live under was rendered powerless. They need to know that they do not have to be what they are because of the cross. At the cross a complete transformation was made possible.

At the cross a new creation could happen in anyone who would turn from their own way and believe on Jesus Christ. At the cross all the law lost it power to condemn them. At the cross power flowed from the Christ that hung there to impart divine nature and righteousness to whosoever would believe on Him. Tell the world that Jesus Christ only, gave personally to them 100% of his love and life and we must come to Him the same, giving him all of our life so he can give us real life for the first time. Make it clear they must come to Him willing to deny their old life, willing to suffer for Him and willing to leave all else to follow Him. He wants to give them a drink of water of life from his heart that will cause them to never thirst again for things that never satisfy the eternal quest and empty void in every life not filled with Jesus Christ.

Tell them He will heal their past, their minds, their emotions, their abuses, their wounds, their bodies because He took all that on himself. He was the substitute in their place. Healing now belongs to them through faith in Christ and him crucified. Tell them His shed blood was for them so they could receive a new royal, holy, transfusion of His blood that will always be their antidote for sin, disease and death. It flows with God’s DNA for them to receive and will be the protection over their life from all enemy plans. Jesus Christ did a finished and complete work on the cross.

The world needs to know that Jesus Christ will redeem their lost time, redeem their lost lives, restore marriages, restore jobs, restore minds, and do what is humanly impossible for them if they will just believe and receive and walk with Him in the light He gives them. Tell them Jesus wants to make them more than they can become alone. Tell them to come to Jesus and give Him a lifestyle of forgiveness and repentance and they will stay whole and free. Tell them Jesus Christ wants to come to them and submerge them completely into the Holy Spirit, another atmosphere, and another realm to give them the supernatural power of God. He will take them under His fire until they are saturated with a burning passion of love that will give them the power of God and constrain them to compassion for others to know Jesus Christ as well.

Tell them Jesus is not about religion. Jesus Christ is the King of all creation, who died to give us the Kingdom of God on the earth. He died so many could be born again by the word of God and the Spirit of God and be translated into His Kingdom of light. He died to give them back their destiny, which is to replenish the earth with the knowledge of the Lord, to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth for the Kingdom of God, to take dominion over the kingdoms of this world establishing God’s kingdom and destroying the works of the devil. He died to make many sons and daughters kings and priests who have access to all the “one true God of all galaxies” has created.


The power of God is flowing freely to you, free to work in you and will be moving thru you. You are soaked in His presence. And you are positioned in His will. Your message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified, the power of God. Your plan is not programs, formulas, or cultural wisdom of words. You are in close communion with Holy Spirit so he can give you any gift needed at any time for a miracle, a deliverance, a healing, a word of prophecy that pierces the heart to salvation seed; a breaking to receive Jesus. He is more ready to give them than you are to receive them. We live in His power only by faith and please God by our living active faith……………….so jump in! God is with you!