Go Into All the World

All God created is good. Life is good, and life is God's. All we do as His people should be producing God's life on the earth. We are here to produce fruit that glorifies God and ushers in the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth.

God wants us to live and laugh, cry and love, lean and learn, but through it all to see Him in everything. We have to see God in death, see God in suffering, see God in great joys and excitements, see God in the simple, see God in the mundane, see God in pain, see God in the great opportunities, see God in business, see God in the great sacrifices; in short we must see God in all of it. It is all life and life is our time to become like Him. God is more concerned with "who we are than what we do."

All of life is opportunity to present the pure and simple gospel to whosoever; in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads at the time. "An awakening" is desperately needed in the church to life's mission to take Him into every situation and to every person we meet by who we are and what we do. We have been given the power to demonstrate to the world the testimony of Jesus Christ. We have been given, through Holy Spirit, the ability to carefully hear His voice for the way to reach out personally and uniquely to another.

The point is lets "wake up" to see God in all of life and acknowledge Him in all our ways and then learn to hear His voice on each individual assignment he gives to our personal lives. His anointing will be strong for each assignment that He directs personally for you, and to each task whether common or exceptional, each impulse, each spontaneous request, each responsibility, and each sacrifice and it will always produce fruit. We must learn to listen and hear only HIM.

These life assignments change as the seasons change. What and who is most important at the time will always vary according to what God sees. But in every season or change there is a purpose for you and for the others in your life that will produce Kingdom fruit and therefore glorify God. Some assignments are long range in effect, some are quick, some are hard and require sacrifice, some are easier and full of fun, but all are graced with His presence and that is all we ever need to press on toward the High Call of God in Christ Jesus. This high call is to truly know Him and do His will. In all our ways, all our lives, all our affections, and all our passion we individually answer the call to GO! GO and be! GO and do! GO and speak! GO and live as a witness for Jesus Christ out in the world.

GO is a command to move out for God anywhere He leads you; to every person He places in your life, doing everything He graces your life to do. That mission for each man or women is as uniquely personal and individual as the way God made each individual and the giftings He gave each of us.

I said all that to say: ABOVE ALL JUST OBEY GOD FOR YOUR LIFE AND DO NOT COMPROMISE FOR ANYONE but also do not be condemned by comparison.

We cannot compare our "God and me" with another living soul or thing. Neither can we prioritize our "God and me" beneath another living soul or thing. We are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in us both to do and to will His good pleasure Philippians 2: 12-13.

Our God is "Faithful" and He will lead you when your will is surrendered to obey Him and your heart wants to glorify only Him. He will help you to GO.

As you GO into all your world, acknowledge Him (make Him known) in all your ways. Has He become the one you live through and the life you witness? Do you choose His way over your way? Do you align all of your life up with His truth as your standard of living? Are you a witness that He is the way, the truth and the life and do you tell them that no one can come to the Father God except through Jesus Christ.

Exalt the one you love in your speech, in your deeds, in your ways with the family, the business, your work, in offense, in persecutions, in sufferings, in losses, in stress and distress.

Church we are His body so Go into the world around you and share your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by who you are in all of life, and what you do with all life brings your way.