Overheard a Meeting of Alarm from the Courts of the Dark Kingdom

by Janee Hawks

An alarm was sounded in the Kingdom of Darkness! All were called to assemble to the devil’s courts. He arose from his throne with great rage and begins to declare, “We must intensify the battle against the image of God on the earth.” We must take out multitudes to hell and target our worst and most subtle weaponry against the believers in Jesus Christ as their Lord and King. We cannot allow Jesus Christ to take any more ground, for I am king. The earth belongs to me. Shouts of sheer supernatural evil were resounding throughout the second heaven as the devil proclaimed his deception.


As the armies of hell, crowd of fallen angels and demons, became quiet the planning began. Here is an example of their plans: Start by blinding them with so much pollution; the thick veil of deception and make them indifferent with drugs of discouragement and doubt. Cloud their vision with worldly pleasures until they slide into the love of my world system, for it will keep them from experiencing the love of God as their Father.

Go put them in a fog of too much self-focus and introspection so they will not have Holy Ghost spiritual focus. Make them dizzy with busy and busier until they stagger and become lame. Weigh them down with too much of everything especially the good things so they will never notice.

Overwhelm them with so much anxiety over the cares of life, and intoxicate and desensitize them with all that my world system has to offer. Steal their spiritual disciplines so we can stop them from engaging in the world as light and salt.

Give them more violence and sex to watch and be sure you tantalize them with my witchcraft and supernatural powers. Their eyes and ears are our gates. We must get this generation. We must keep them mesmerized with their technologies to rob all their time. Also rob them from any encounters with their God; give them so many attractive and legitimate things to do.

Steal their presence of God with pride over their spiritual accomplishments. Steal their time so they will not stand on any of those promises God gave and most of all so they will not get to know Him. Stifle their love with offence toward their own and torment them with situations they will not easily forgive.

Weigh them down with false responsibilities, wrong commitments, so they will be ineffective, lacking in real commitment and God given responsibilities. Crowd their calendars so they forget they are to be led by Holy Spirit’s calendar too.
Overload their spiritual plates with so much conflicting material until they become confused. Then they will not be able to partake of the one balance spiritual diet Holy Ghost would select for their own personal transformation.

Give them ideas and thoughts that will very subtly divide them and separate them. Twist it, use small-decorated lies, religious doctrine, and make them stubborn to work out their difference. Rob them of power with judgments against each other. We cannot let them become one. We cannot let them find the harmony in their differences. Their unity will only give them much more power. Cause their love to grow cold.

Complicate everything in their life, make their relationships difficult, and steal their money, strip their wages, make them more work and steal their memories and thoughts from their minds. They must not know they have the mind of Christ, a sound and spiritual mind. Let their minds be on such overload and their hearts heavy so they will never be still and hear the voice of their God.

Now maybe their faith will begin to waver and they will shrink back. Maybe their conscience will weaken by ignoring the issues. Maybe they will start to lose touch with God as they disobey. We want their bodies to begin to rule, self-gratification and ambitions to prevail; spiritual idols to creep in with pleasure seeking. Soon we are going to starve them and maybe they will no longer hunger and thirst for their God.

Don’t you see? They are going to shoot us down. Their leaders are starting to reveal to them the power of the Cross of Christ and that endless power of His blood. They are getting it, that they are only a prayer of faith away from a complete rescue, restoration and what they call redemption. They are screaming “LET MY PEOPLE GO! And it sounds like its coming from God’s throne. More Angels are being released to them.

Don’t you see? Don’t you see them? They are arising to their glory; they are walking as more than conquerors, they are going to become the glorious sons of God. They are beginning to reign as Christ’s kings and priests. The “whole body of Christ “is trying to infiltrate our world. We cannot let them converge and form unified power. We cannot let all of Christ’s body begin to walk in the power and works He did on the earth. We must destroy His image in them. We must stop their advancement of the Kingdom of God. They are waking up! They are becoming fully alive and we will not be able to stop them.

Go intensify your attack, for God says Greater is He in them then we are.
Church of Jesus Christ, come together in the unity of His love,

“Arise; shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the LORD will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1-3