Who are We the Church?

We are the church: a living organism, a body, living stones, a holy habitation, royal priesthood, a holy nation, the individual and corporate working parts of His body equipped to do the greater works of Jesus Christ on the earth today until He returns to set up His Kingdom in person. As His corporate body on all seven continents we are all are equal, with equal grace and inheritance, without gender, race, age, culture or country. We are kindred spirits.

We are given many different gifts in many different measures and operations, but all are by the Spirit of God and measured by God as equal. God measures not by performance, perfection, or position, but by the resurrection power that produces great fruit of the Kingdom on the earth. We are stronger together in unity and have a full measure of all His parts, yet as an individual we are unique, specially made, and complete in Him.

From the Jews and Gentiles he made one new man: “the church”, all one in Christ Jesus: Jew, Gentile, male, female, bond, and free. That means in the Kingdom of God there is one race, one culture, one class, and one gender in Christ. The gospel of the kingdom of God is our message and our mission is to exalt and exhibit only the King, Jesus Christ, establishing Him in the hearts of others.


The church is not a literal building, a denomination, or a membership into an organization. The church is not a social standard of ethics or philosophy, not doctrinal concepts that modify behavior or man-made religious traditions.

The church is born into the Kingdom of God. You are born by the Spirit of God and His Holy Word . The Kingdom of God was not born out of the church. The church was born out of Zion the dwelling place of God, His Kingdom. You are translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died for a Kingdom not for a religion.

You are baptized into Christ: both His death and His resurrection.

You are baptized into the Holy Spirit and Fire as He, Christ, submerges you.

You are the people of God, sealed, adopted, and kept by the Spirit of God, into the inheritance of the King of Kings.

You are His body meant to know Him and live in intimate communion with God the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. You are the habitation of God.

You are empowered to be a vessel of honor that carries the power and treasures of a King; His ambassadors; His messengers.

You are a vehicle on earth alive with His Spirit, like as the wheel within a wheel moving in high activity only as His Spirit moves to bring the presence and power of the Kingdom of God to the earth.

You are an instrument of righteousness, peace and joy, instruments of reconciliation, of restoration, and of His redemptive power.

You are a mighty weapon to destroy the works of the devil and to bring divine reversal to the injustices of this world.


You have been placed into the Redeemer of all creation:
Redeemed out of sin, rebellion, death and the control of a fallen nature by the blood and body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You have been placed into new blood line:
You, in Christ, have the DNA of God through His blood, His word, His Spirit. His blood remits all sin washing us white like snow, antidotes all rebellion and sickness. Cleanses and creates His nature in us.

You have been placed into immortality: body, soul, and spirit:
In Christ you are given hope of the final redemption of a new immortal body. You are a new spirit alive to God, and can attain a transformed soul for God’s use only. You have eternity in your hearts.

You are placed into resurrection power now:
You have been given the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead to live in you now. As a power within to quicken, heal, strengthen, our mortality now and a power to be released out of you for the Kingdom of God.

You are placed into a Name above all others:
You, in Christ, have been given His name, by birth, which is above in power any other name that is named or exists, you are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places because you carry His name.

You have been put into a place where you sit, stand and walk:
You sit with Him now where He sits, stand in the grace of His life, you can live and walk in the benefits, the royalty, and the power of His kingdom, carrying His countenance and glory. You can do His works producing much fruit to glorify your Father in heaven.

You, placed into another Family:
You have changed Fathers; you are adopted into His home, into the household of God, into His great love, care and presence. You are given the family inheritance, joint heir with Christ, to all the Father has.

You are placed into another Kingdom:
You are citizen of His Kingdom, with access to His throne, His River, His Mountain, and His city. His mighty army of angels protects you. You are under His authority, His laws, His covenants, and His promises.

You are placed into His authority:
You, in Christ are being transformed into Kings and priests of the Kingdom of God who rule and reign with Him above all other powers. You are to be a peculiar people in this world, a holy nation, and a royal priesthood who live as more than conquerors.

What a place God has put the church. He has placed us into Christ, so he could always love us, see us in righteousness, let us near His presence, walk and talk with us, and give us all He has. He has placed us into Christ Jesus so we could daily be intimate with the Father knowing His heart, daily have a relationship with the Lord Jesus and commune daily with the Holy Spirit. In this place in Christ, He will give us revelation to know Him, to see the Kingdom, to manifest His great love, and to move in His demonstration of power, against the gates of hell.


You individually are complete when you step into Christ by faith and obedience, which works by love. There is no one else just like you or special to God in the way you are. You alone can do best what He gave you to do.

You came from his heart and in Christ he wants you to find his heart again and live there, knowing how much he loves you. You are imprinted on the Fathers hand. (Isa.49:16) You have a destiny and purpose in this life on the earth.

You have been given a measure of faith to believe unto salvation and the measure of grace for your gift and calling in life, and into eternity.

You have a vacuum inside made only for Him to fill. Your heart is made to be His home. You were created to worship God, to know Him intimately, to be filled with His love.

You were created in His image and for living His Kingdom on the earth. Your life here is to find Him. You are given this time as a gift from God. And when you find Him you are to give him 100% of you, as He loves you 100%. When you find Him and see Him as He is then all that you are or are not, all you have or have not, all your pain, experiences, emotions, all your environmental influences, all your good or bad learning experiences, all your good, all your mental crutches or strengths can be totally lost in Christ Jesus.

You can be lost in Him and found as a new creature. You can be lost in His perfect love, where there is no fear and where He makes all things new. When you find Him, He gently puts you on His potters’ wheel and with a loving hand reshapes you into a golden image of Him fit for your purpose in the Kingdom of God. You find in Him fulfillment of destiny and are enabled to live in your true inheritance as God’s son.

You are the church. Male or female you are the Bride of Christ, the Sons of God led by the Spirit of God

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