Four of Trumpets of Zion staff members have been to Mozambique, Africa on three separate mission trips over the past three years. Working with Rolland and Heidi Baker’s Iris Ministries, Tim Pugh, Samuel Clough, Mark and Jennifer Mozley, have had the honor of being a part of a revival that is unprecedented in church history. In fact, Mark & Jennifer actually got engaged in Mozambique in 2002 with Heidi Baker marrying them the following year.

Staying at an orphanage of 500 children, the teams would participate in various outreach events including pastor’s conferences, street preaching, praying for the sick in hospitals, plus jail and refugee camp ministry. They participated in church plantings in Pemba, Mozambique where they saw Jesus save 100’s of Muslims in a single outreach. And yet perhaps the greatest privilege was simply hanging out in the dirt and playing with the children. “Stopping for the one” person was imparted into all of their hearts on these trips and we’ve seen the fruit of these missions back in the states…as the team continues to reach the lost and dying through various evangelistic events in Georgia.