The Power is Within

The solid foundation of God stands having this seal: The Lord knows those that are His. Beloved Church of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we must examine our faith that we do not neglect so great a salvation that has been given to us in Christ Jesus.

I believe the Lord wants to call something to our remembrance today. Do we as His church, His people, really know with experience what is in us because of Who is in us? Do we really realize the power that is within us? So we access what resides within us to live this life as the victorious glorious church that we are destined to be. There is nothing greater in this world than Christ within His genuine disciples.

We must know and experience in life, that greater is He in us than he that is in this world. Christ living in us is our hope of glory. Beloved God wants to do something inside out with His own people beyond our ability to ask for or even think of according to the "power that works within us." Holy Spirit is the God on the earth today and wants to move through us without measure. Jesus promised us as He left this world that He would give us another who is just like Him and He, the Holy Spirit, would be with us and in us forever. Church, within us is all the power or authority we will ever need over all the powers of darkness. Within us is all the love we will ever need even to love when it seems impossible. His peace is within us to remain like a solid anchor in the midst of every circumstance we face in this life. Within us is all the joy we will ever need whether life gives us roses or lemons. Within us is His divine faith to rise up above all the issues of life and defeat the flesh, the world system and all demonic plans of satan to rob, steal, and kill God’s creation.

The power is within us. We need not put our faith in God coming down to sap us into shape. He has already come and done all we would ever need to be more than conquerors in this life. Too much we look for something out there when Christ is within us. We need to look within. We need to live from the One who is within us. We are complete in Him. All the Godhead is in Him and therefore in us. Christ in us is all the truth and grace we need, all the wisdom and knowledge we need. Christ in us is fellowship with the Fathers love and the privilege of communion with Holy Spirit our divine companion forever. Christ in us is every good and perfect gift. Christ in us is the supply of all that pertains to life and godliness. Christ in us is freedom from our own fallen self. His divine nature is in us. He is freedom from the powers of sin and rebellion, from the attractions and pride of this world system, and from all satan would disguise as good. He must sit on the throne of our hearts as ruler. Our hearts and lives must become a home where can God rest, and find pleasure.

Let me speak to you church as the Lord spoke to me. The Christ, the anointed one, the Holy Spirit of God lives in you. He is perfect in love, a love greater than any other, and a love that is relentless and absolute. It is a love that will lay down its life for even an enemy. It is an unconditional love that never fails. I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord! Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ because He is in you this love is IN you. If it is in you then you can believe and choose it in the hardest of situations. You can live this life choosing His love instead of your own. Then His love will become a part of your nature and great fruit will grow from your life. He says in I John 2 that if you will choose to live a constant lifestyle of obedience to His commandments and voice then He will perfect this love within you.

We can accomplish great things in our lives but if we are not releasing His love in our daily lives through simple obedience then our accomplishments profit us nothing. Our works without holiness and obedience will be burned up on that Day of Judgment. Love is more than great faith or great prophecy; it is more than great giving or great sacrifice. Love is not those things alone. The Lord says he that loves me keeps my commandments. He says if you love me then keep my commandments and I will live with you and manifest myself to you. Love is simple; just obey the Lord in all areas of life.

 And when you fail, run to Him for He is your mercy seat and His blood will cleanse the confessing heart of remorse for hurting Him. He comes quickly to the heart that fears Him with a fear of losing closeness to Him.

Listen beloved, within us is the unspeakable Joy of the Lord, which is always there and can always be our strength. It is His Joy in us. Yes we can know it for it is in us. When deep calls to deep God is calling to our deep for us to know what resides in our being. With Joy we draw water (God-life) out of the wells of salvation. The wells of this great salvation that has been given us in Christ Jesus are inexhaustible. When we please Him and do His will His delight is in us and then our joy can be made full. His joy remains in us as we abide in His love and obey His commandments. Joy is seeing His will done and experiencing His delight within us. Joy is experiencing His presence because He enjoys our company. Joy is experiencing the pleasures at His right hand because we have lost our desires for the desires of His will.

Beloved we cannot live from anything that is dead. You who are His are dead and your life in hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). You were crucified with Christ yet you live, but it is not you but Christ that lives in you and you now life this life by the faith of the son of God who loves you and gave himself for you (Galatians 2:20). The graves clothes of our old fallen nature must be removed by our choosing to surrender to the Holy Spirit within us. We must arise out from the graveyard of all the past life and habits. We must live in the resurrected power of a new life that resides within us, Christ in us.

Today we must know Who lives in us, do His will daily and hunger to please Him in all we think, speak and do. We need to check which road we are travelling today in the church. Is the path we are travelling, that narrow road of which our master spoke where real life is found. We need to check ourselves for who really sits on the throne of our hearts for this road requires that complete abandonment to Him. The reward is a real freedom superior to anything this world could offer. This path calls us to live life with an eternal perspective for eternal values? This is the path of a true disciple of the Lord Jesus, and if you find yourself on this path then the Holy Spirit is calling to you today, let the God within arise and let every enemy be scattered. Let the mighty one who is in you, out of you. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is in you. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Let Him be free within you first to clean the cup and dish of your life on the inside, not just the outside. Let Him be exalted in you so others will be drawn to Him. Let Him be great in you as to move through you to accomplish His will on the earth. He came to heal and save it.

"The Power is within you!"

Jesus open the eyes of our hearts that we may know by the revelation of the Holy Spirit the power that lies within us, your body on the earth. We pray that you may receive from our lives all you died to give us. We ask you to shake us of all that does not measure up to your righteousness and holiness. Let only the Kingdom of God remain in us and in our lives. Amen.

Scripture references: John 13-17; I John; Ephesians 1,3; Colossians 2