Count All What Loss?

We as believers in Christ Jesus our Lord are called to lose, but I ask you today, “What are we losing?” Maybe it is time to examine our faith and check our vital signs in the Lord.

What we refuse to give up…………..that and more will be taken away.
What we refuse to change……………..will turn to afflict and chastise us.
What we refuse to surrender to………….will rob our destiny
What we refuse to see………….will blind us from the truth.
What we refuse to speak………will cause us to loose His grace and favor.
What we refuse to believe in fear and doubt………….will keep us from knowing Him.

There is a tree of life to eat from now. The rich fruit will give us our best life…God life. There is also a tree with two kinds of fruit for us to eat from now. The one fruit will give us knowledge and desire for the pleasures of sin. The other fruit will give us knowledge and desire for self-gratification and comfort, the good life without God.

We who believe and are seeking the Lord are tempted most with the fruit of good. This fruit is pleasant to our bodies, emotions, minds and wills. It feels good, it looks good, it makes me seem happy and fulfilled. It is legitimate, religious, and even justified and esteemed among society. It satisfies and supplies everything but my spirit, my eternal being. The spirit of man becomes malnourished, weak, unexercised and open to the wiles of the enemy. This fruit has no real life in it until God’s fruit is put first.

Now, if you know God, you also know He is the light of life period. You should know you were born with a purpose to worship Him and become like Him. Now, if this is you, then God has set you apart and called your life to a destiny chosen by Him. The critical thing though is that you must choose to live entirely from the fruit of the tree of life. Many are called, few are chosen. Many are called to surrender to the “tree of life” and forsake all else. Jesus said it like this; unless you lose your life you will not find it. The greatest stealer of destiny and fulfillment in God is the good life and all it offers. Many great callings and gifts go to the grave having never been experienced by the individual or this world because of the fruit of the “good life.”

Just as satan entered the garden of Eden in the beginning with his tree, so he enters our world as believers with the same tempting two fruits; either the immediate pleasure of sin that later pays evil wages, or self-seeking comforts of just the good life without God. Jesus said that if you will seek the Kingdom of God first, all the rest will be added unto you. Many genuine believers keep putting the good life before the God life and it just will not produce the will of God or a personal destiny.

We are to know life at its fullest and best……….”the God life.”

It is found only by living fully separated and alive within the person of Jesus Christ.